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Dear Josemhon Welcome to FamilySearch Wiki. I have filled in the Family History Page for you. Hope this helps with your center page. If you have any problems let me know. Please fill in your talk page so we can get to know you. Sincerely FamilySearch Wiki Support

Dear Sandralpond Thank you very much for helping to resolve the issue. I left behind the page because of a little bit confuse on this matter. We have additional Family History Center in Makati City Area. What i did is i opened the Makati Philippines Family History Center in category: Philippines/ Family History Center. Then I open duplicate tab in a window so i could copy the existing Page A to Page B on the other window.I create page B then I realized while copying it I have to go all the way through that will spend more time adding category, template etc. Back to instruction of Renaming/Move will a little bit confusing reading it until i stop it doing it and look what to do on the next day. I am a  new user in the FamilySearch Wiki and still keep on learning. Sometime is i could easily understand the procedure but there is a time to think more about it and re read it before i got it. The next day when i open the page it's already done. How do you that? Thanks for helping me. Please give me the details so i could do it next time. i'm still a little bit confusing. Hope to be familiar in more coming time. Sincerely Josiemhon  

Dear Josemhon Thanks for the work you are doing on the Wiki. I only found this by accident. The best way to contact others is to write on their talk pages. Mine will be at the end of this message. It is probuced by using the ~ four times at the end of a message. The correct category for the Philippines FHC's is Category:Philippines Family History Centers inside [[]]. You can move pages by using the move button to the right under Views. This will create a new page with a new title but the old material of the old article. Please read the note on the move page before you do this. If it is the material in the article that needs changing then edit the page. Please feel free to ask any questions. Sandralpond 20:46, 17 April 2013 (UTC)