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Iredell County, NC Wiki page

Hello Gary,

I work with others to patrol new changes to Wiki pages by contributors such as yourself. First, I want to thank you for the valuable contributions you made to the Iredell County, NC Wiki page. So much great information! I also wanted to let you know that a project is underway to standardize the format of all United States Wiki county pages, and currently we are working on North Carolina. In a month or two you will notice that the format of the page has changed from what you see now. Although the format will change, I want to assure you that the information you've added will be retained on the new page, although some entries may be placed under a new section title where appropriate.

Thank you again for your contributions! We greatly appreciate the knowledge you have shared.

psleavens, Wiki Support Team (talk) 22:27, 14 January 2019 (UTC)

North Carolina Wiki page format

Hello Gary,

As one example, all of the counties in Georgia have been reformatted. It will largely be a question of our transfer code moving any new updates to North Carolina pages under the appropriate headings, some of which are new. Then the results of the transfer code are verified by the project team.

Thanks again for your added improvements!

psleavens, Wiki Support Team (talk) 03:05, 29 January 2019 (UTC)