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Sister Duncan, Last night, or rather, early this morning, I was patrolling the changes made to pages in the new Wiki, as well as those pages others were creating as they practised editing in the new Rich Text editor environment. I came to your page, The Los Angeles Family History Pages

Putting Documents as Sources in FamilySearch Family Tree xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3:30 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Oh, great!!! You fixed it! What I didn't finish saying in the convoluted message above, was that, when patrolling your page, the link for "Putting Documents as Sources in FamilySearch in Family Tree" wasn't working. But, I see by your further edits to the page, that you fixed it! And, it looks really great. Good job! I don't know how you discovered the break in that link, but I am delighted you fixed it.

By the way, these are excellent materials. Your Stake is truly fortunate to have you serving in the FamilySearch Library. Whether you write them or organize them for the learners who access your materials, they are some of the most important resources a member will ever receive. Nothing is more important than the work we do in our temples, whether we are redeeming our own ancestors or someone else's.

And, the first step up the staircase to the temple can be found in the resources the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library will distribute in the classes or seminars you offer to the members.

Thank you, dear Sister, for the work you do with and for those who wait for the blessings of the Temple to be done for them.

Your Sister in Christ, Sister Linnea Capps, FamilySearch WIKI Missionary