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My name is Sister Henny Wong and I am a Wiki Support Missionary.

I was born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. I am an early morning seminary teacher. I love teaching the youth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and find immense joy when I see the gleam of spiritual understanding in their eyes.

I retired January 31, 2015 after 40-plus years of work in banking (26+ years) and at a hospital (15 years). Having started from the bottom of the “organizational rung”, I was blessed to gain many skills and talents as an accountant, computer operator, software programmer, information systems analyst, and my final position as systems administrator.

Having more time on my hands, I decided to spend it working on my family genealogy, a childhood passion. While “surfing” the FamilySearch website, I discovered an article about opportunities to serve as a missionary at this site. I reviewed the various positions available and voila, here I am.

Being a “home body”, most of my education was gotten from schools in Hawaii right through my MBA; however, my employers generously sent me to technical classes and business conventions on the US mainland including a three-year summer stint at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Through these events, I picked up a lot of knowledge and increased my network of acquaintances which helped me in my various responsibilities.

Besides teaching seminary and doing genealogy work, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and neighbors picnicking, going to movies and concerts, or checking out restaurants. If not performing those “arduous” tasks, I enjoy walking or playing with my two “Eskies” (American Eskimo dogs) or just puttering around my yard tending to my orchids and trying to get my garden where I want it.

Other than my talk page, you can contact me at or