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1841 Wales Census birthplace detail.jpg

Census records may provide indirect information about birth, marriage and death information.

Discover: name; age; marital status; relationships; occupation; place of birth (usually parish)

Look for your relative in every available census.

1841 Exact place of birth was not recorded so compare with later census information

  • search the free 1841 census index
  • look at birthplace for each person in the home
  • ages for people older than 15 are usually rounded down to the nearest 5
  • compare birthplace information for neighbors

1851 and later

1851 Wales Census birthplace detail.jpg
  • search the free index 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
  • look at birthplace for each person in the home
  • compare birthplace information from other census years if possible
  • use birthplace information to search church and chapel records

Next Steps

  • Compare new information with previously known details
  • Find your relative in each census available for their lifetime
  • Find family members in additional records to verify that the details are correct


Census ages can be off by a few years

If the family or individual is not found where you expect:

  • they may have moved
  • they may have emigrated
  • check to see if the census for a specific place in Wales is missing (Missing Census Records)