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Sheila Stai

about me

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the end

I was born in Cortland, New York. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister. When I was 6 yrs old we moved to Phoenix, Arizona, due to one of my brother's having Rheumatic Fever twice (left a whole in his heart). I must say this was a culture shock for me; from upper State New York to a very hot dry desert. Not sure how long it took me to get used to the heat, but I remember being outside running around barefooted. The hot pavement and sidewalk did not bother my feet and they soon toughen up enough that I did not pick-up too many stickers. It's true, when they say that the sidewalk is hot enough to cook an egg on. My sister tried it out and cooked an egg. My other favorite thing to do there is to squish the melted, hot tar from the road pavement between my toes. Cannot remember how I got it off, but I am sure mom made me scrubbed it off. When I discovered Roller Skates (you know the ones you use a key to tighten up, and ruined, who knows how many shoes), you could not get me out of them (except going to bed and swimming). There was sidewalks all over the place; I was in Heaven. When I was not rollerskating, my two younger brothers and I would walk 2 miles to get to a swimming pool and spend the whole day there.

When I was 13, we moved to Lyle, Washington and I had to give up my roller skates due to no sidewalks - I was so disappointed. We stayed there for 4 years. After my mom died, we moved to Beaverton, Oregon and my dad remarried. That was another Culture Shock. Lyle, Washington was a small town and there was about a 100 kids in the whole school. I always walked to school. In Beaverton, I had to learn to ride a bus; one time I got on the wrong bus and was lost. After that I figured out my way to and from school by walking. Beaverton High School was so big that I had trouble navigating from class to locker and to my next class. They did not have a student to show you around like they do now. I was terrified and hated going there (did I mention that I was very shy, which did not help matters?). On top of that, a step-mom who wanted me gone and eventually she got my dad to move me in with my sister who lived in Tigard, Oregon. I was a senior at that time and graduated that year. After school was over with, I soon found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This was the best move I had made in my life. I am so Thankful for my Heavenly Father in leading me to his true church. He has always been with me, and has helped me come out of my shyness, taught me to never give up, and took me down paths that I would never have gone.

Later I got married and had two boys and one girl. I have four grandchildren and two great-grand children and they all live in Montana. I miss them dearly.

I worked mostly as an Office Assistant until I had a mini stroke. After a few months, I was laid off and was not able to find work in that field. So I decided to go for something people were needed for. One of those jobs, was being a Security Officer (after three months, I quit). The next job I had, had a fancy title: Document Specialist. I stood there and pulled staples, and soon realize this was not for me. I always wanted to try Care Giving and so for a year I did that. It was very rewarding and meet a lot of people. I just made my year anniversary when my husband had a stroke and his left leg and arm became very weak. He could not get off his bed and so I was needed to stay home and take care of him. He has been exercising for almost a year, and for the first time, he stood straight up with me helping him couple of days ago. It has not been easy, trying to keep his spirit up and thinking positive (he is a very negative person), along with keeping myself going and not giving up. I have very little support from his or my family, and been doing it by myself. It will soon be over and cannot wait.

I have so many Special talents and abilities, that I am not sure what they are. Seem like I have a talent that I specialized in through my Church Calling that I do at that time; and then I loose it and find another when I take up another Church Calling. Each Calling bring about special talents and abilities that I didn't know I had. Part of learning and very Thankful for and must give credit to my Father in Heaven, who helped me through my struggles and showing me the way.

Hobbies or special interests include: Knitting, crocheting, Walking, Fishing, Hunting, enjoy being outdoors, gardening, doing Keto Meals ( I have lost 40lbs - 60 more to go), raising my two puppies (Sam is a Yorkiepoo, 7 months old, and Gus is a Maltipoo who is 4 months old), and I have a 14yr old Yorkie who has problem hearing or is that because she is ignoring me?? (LOL).

Church Callings: Primary Teacher: from Nursery to 12 yr olds; Singles Rep., Bulletin Specialist, Relief Society Teacher, Sunday School Secretary, Liberian, Family History Consultant and Teacher, Visiting Teacher Coordinator. Almost made it to being a 2nd counselor to the Relief Society President, but I moved and she was released a few weeks later. Now I am a Church Service Missionary (how awesome is that!!). I enjoy all my callings, no matter how uncomfortable they are at first, through sweat and tears, I grow from each one, and my life changes which makes me a stronger person.

I have a lot of experience with Family Search genealogy, but never did much with the Wiki. At church, they talk about doing something that will make you feel uncomfortable. I look at Wiki as something that is uncomfortable but a learning experience. I know this is were I am suppose to be, because God lead me here. In one of the Training Lessons, it says to be BOLD and Jump In. I am doing that. I will make mistakes, but I know there will be people who will help me along the way, (LOL). So far it has been quite interesting and I am meeting new people that I would not have met if I did not take this new adventure. Watch me grow, people!

You can contact me through my email, if you want to.