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my name is elder Raj Sidhu I am 30 years old ,i was born in Merced California I am from The Merced california stake. Genealogy and family history is something i enjoy my father was from punjab india and my mother was from California her family roots are from Spain and Mexico and new mexico. I am a elder in the priesthood and a ward missionary ,family history consultant for My ward.I have no siblings and currently single i attended Merced College from 2006-2008. My favorite things to do are learn different languages like spanish and the language of india hindi and punjabi and urdu of pakistan . I enjoy helping other latter day saints church members with genealogy my research interest is sri lanka and india and pakistan and mexico and spain and cuba and puerto rico,central America and new mexico . I like history and learning about different countries and cultures and different religions. I am disabled with muscular dystrophy and bed bound and ventilator dependent and don't work . I am greatful do be a wiki missionary it was my dream to be able to serve a mission online i am greatful for this opportunity .