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New Contributor Support Assignments[edit | edit source]

Hello! Thank you so much for updating (insert recent contribution). We are pleased to share a series of seven weekly lessons that you may take at your convenience. They are designed to help you get comfortable using the Wiki. We have shared the first two lessons below:

Lesson 1.

Create Your User Page:

Lesson 2.

Create Your Sandbox:

Lesson 3. Join the Community:

You are invited to join the weekly Wiki Contributor's Meeting

  • Join the Research Wiki Group on Yammer. Request an invitation to join:

Lesson 4. Talk to another contributor:

  • Click on the "History" tab of a Wiki locality or topic page to find contributors.  Click on the "Talk" link and introduce yourself or leave a message for that contributor.
  • Introduce yourself in the Research Wiki Group on Yammer.

Lesson 5. Add a volunteer userbox to your user page.

Lesson 6. Set your preferences.

Lesson 7. Watch your favorite pages

If you have any questions, please let us know. SavingStories 03:09, 13 January 2014 (UTC)

Intermediate Level Moderator Ongoing Enrichment[edit | edit source]

  • Gather current contact information on contributors: e-mail(s), username. Talk page. Take a look at the history of the pages in your topic or area to find recent active contributors. Develop a working relationship with each contributor in your area. Invite them to participate in community discussions and meetings. Develop objectives for 2014.
  • Please submit the names of active contributors who have contributed great content so that we can recognize them. We need the username.
  • Reach out to your circle of influence and other contributors to find new moderators and contributors. Training (on editing and more) and support are available.
    • Ideas: fellow family history workers, social networks, genealogical society
  • Review pages for incomplete content, and add to Help Pages.
  • Ask active contributors to complete assignments from Help Pages.
  • Develop outline of what a page should contain so it does not end up being a stub. Content may be different depending on topic or location.


  • Index of pages for each moderator

HTML 5 Practice[edit | edit source]

Lessons by Charles



Headings[edit | edit source]

Heading h1
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Heading h2
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Heading h3
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Paragraph[edit | edit source]

It is very important to be sure that you are looking in the right place before attempting to locate a state or territorial census. It would be a complete waste of time to finally gain access to a census and not find your ancestor because of boundary changes that you were not aware of. Study the map of an area during the time period your ancestor lived there.

Lists[edit | edit source]

Ordered lists

  1. name
  2. date
  3. place

Unordered lists

  • name
  • parents
    • father's name
    • mother's name
  • siblings


1870 Agricultural Census
Ancestors who had a large enough farm may be listed.
1870 US Mortality Schedule
If your ancestor died within 12 months prior to when the 1870 US Census was taken, he or she may be listed on the 1870 Mortality Schedule.
1868 Voter's Registration
Males over 18 who voted may be listed in this SC resource.

Tables[edit | edit source]

US Census Years
Census Contains
1850 Census Head of household
1860 Census Names each member in household

Inserting Images[edit | edit source]