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JARED & SANDRA WARD[edit | edit source]

Family Wiki Page[edit | edit source]

Sandra's Story[edit | edit source]

Sandra is from Costa Rica

Jared's Story[edit | edit source]

Jared was born in Chattanooga, TN. He served his mission in Hong Kong, China

How They Met...[edit | edit source]

They met when Sandra was 20 and Jared was 21 years old. At first, Sandra thought it was weird because he was just under six months older than she was, and she had only dated gentlemen that were at least 2 years older. It was on a blind date to the popular trampoline place called Hang Time. It was a fun, relaxed triple date, and Sandra would always remember that specific date.

Did They Hit It Off?[edit | edit source]

Sandra Gomez and Jared Ward got married December 18th, 2014. Here is a link of a picture of their special day: Wedding!