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Help URL[edit | edit source]

How to reserve ordinances for an ancestor born within the last 110 years[edit | edit source]

Family History - Home of the SEARCHY! by Ron Ray[edit | edit source]

Visit the Family History Websites the Pros Use- All offer free information[edit | edit source]

Relative Finder (see who you are related to)[edit | edit source]

Findagrave Website[edit | edit source]

Create A Fan Chart[edit | edit source]

Riverton Familysearch Library[edit | edit source]

Fast Accurate Research Helps:
[edit | edit source]

Fast Accurate Research -Affiliate and Other Genealogy Websites
Compiled by Van Celaya

1 – START with this
2 – or use “FamilySearch”, “sign in” and click on Partners (you might have to use the wiki)
3 – instead use Family Search “Decendency View”
4 – try using together with the next link
5 -list of all cities and towns in the world
6 or – use Fan Chart, but also “Source Tracker”
7 – How to add “Tree Connect” to your Browser
8 – Good Research
9 AND (use browse feature)
10 – Good Research
11 – Find Country Specific Search Engines
12 -example:Searching State’s Archives
13 -BYU special collections
14 – Search Social Security Death Index (more than SS #’s)
15 – Find and Upload Pictures of Ancestors
16 -Find Links to your Family Name
17 -Any Handcart Pioneers?
18 – NEW
19 – QUICK Way to Find Ordinances
20 – RELATIVE FINDER -who are you related to?

Fast Accurate Research – Genealogy Websites
List of helpful websites for research:
(there are many more, so please email ones that you find, and I will include them here)

1. -great link for genealogy training
2. browser, and advanced search option
3. -military, war records
4. -death, including some newspapers
5. -Genealogy Index from MyHeritage
6. – Google Training Use
7. -source of some cemeteries
8. -society of Genealogists in England
9. – good source of links
10. -lots of links, with great sourses
11. -lots of information about different ships and more
12. -National Archives, Libraries, Historical & Genealogical
13. -Helping you find the best websites for study and research
14. AND – For PDF and Other Picture Documents
15.– another charting program

Google Guide
[edit | edit source]