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Dates and Times[edit | edit source]

To understand Albanian dates, use the following section, as well as the section on numbers.

It is important to remember that dates may be written in different ways. Many times, dates are spelled out ("on the sixth of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred fifty seven"). When in short form, the day often will precede the month (27/2/1834). Periods or slashes may be used to separate the categories. Roman numerals may be used. Carefully examine the records and their context to know how dates are presented.

For example, if you are unsure if the date 5.4.1827 is April 5 or May 4, look for other clues in the record. Later on the same page, there may be a date that says 26.4.1827. As there is no 26th month, and records are often chronological, you can be fairly confident that the first date is April 5.

Albanian Month Names
English Albanian
January Kallneur, Janar
February Fruer, Shkurt
March Mars
April Prill
May Maj
June Qershuer, Qershor
July Korrik
August Gusht
September Shtatuer, Shtator
October Tetuer, Tetor
November Nanduer, Nëntor
December Dhietuer, Dhjetor
Albanian Days of the Week
English Albanian
Sunday e dielë
Monday e hënë
Tuesday e martë
Wednesday e mërkurë
Thursday e enjte
Friday e premte
Saturday e shtunë