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FamilySearch Wiki is...

FamilySearch Wiki is a tool people can use to learn how to find their ancestors. It offers information on how to find, use, and analyze records of genealogical value. The site’s content is variously targeted to beginners, intermediate researchers, and experts.[1] Some suitable types of content for the wiki are:

Instructions on how to find, use, and analyze records that are genealogically useful.
Historical definitions of legal terms, occupations, and other terms that are useful to genealogists.
Images of records used as examples of the kind of information a type of record will bear.

FamilySearch Wiki is not...

A place to post (or find) information about a specific ancestor.
A place to post data sets and genealogical records, such as obituaries, military histories, or transcriptions of record sources.
A collection of product reviews.
An advertising medium for products or services.
A world encyclopedia of holidays and family traditions. Those which affect family history records or research methods are mentioned under specific countries.
A place to publicly post internal policies or contact information of the Family History Department, or any other LDS Church affiliate.
A repository of knowledge regarding the use of FamilySearch products.
A place to survey users, solicit feedback or collect suggestions regarding the development of products other than this wiki.
A place to post religious doctrine or advocate or criticize religious practices.
A place to post images of LDS temples.

This is my sandbox page Dennis Knox

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Text Codes



blue words

Strike Words

No Joy Codes on FS Wiki

This is Superscript

This is Subscript

smaller text

<big><span style="color:green">Span Code Green Text NoWiki</span></big>


blue background

Creating or adding to articles on the FamilySearch Wiki is easy but first time users probably aren’t familiar with wiki markup text. Wiki markup text is a simple markup language that creates the tables, links, formatting and formatting we see on a published wiki page. The code is interchangeably called wiki markup or wikitext by users and in help articles. I refer to it as wikitext in the article.

Even though wikitext isn’t hard to learn, most users will use the WYSIWYG Rich Text editor to add information to articles.

If you find instances where the editor won’t create the exact presentation you want on your wiki article, you’ll need to click on the ‘Disable’ rich text editor link and manually add the wiki markup commands required to create the display you envision.

A wikitext cheatsheet article has been created on FSWiki for reference that shows the most commonly used wikitext commands. Bookmark it for future reference.