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The FamilySearch Research Wiki 

  • What is it? What you can expect to find on it to help you discover your ancestors.

Wiki Basics

  • Essential tips for understanding and using the wiki. "The things I wish I had known when I started on the wiki."

Understanding how the Wiki is organized

The Research Wiki is an interactive network of linked information about genealogy. The Research Wiki has individual pages, those with content about genealogy are referred to as articles.

There are some basic organizational structures that help users find information. These include:

  • Search Tools. The Research Wiki has a keyword search engine that will search on any word or combination of words on any page.  In addition, one can search "by country" and "by topic". There is a search box on almost every page.
  • Namespaces. There is a general structure to the Research Wiki called Namespaces. Most of the articles are in the Main Namespace, but you can find additional resources in other namespaces.
  • Categories. Many pages have categories on the bottom of the page. You can click on a category to see related articles.
  • Geographical linking. Most of the articles in the Wiki are organized according to geographical jurisdiction and linked to related jurisdictions.

Navigating The Wiki

  • Note the 4 purple boxes on the right side of this page (Views, Toolbox, Community, Personal tools). This is knows as the "Navigation Bar" or "Nav Bar"
  • Each of the boxes contains tools to help you use the wiki. Click Here to learn about these tools and how to use them..