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The freedmen aid societies provided support and assistant to the Freedmen's Bureau

Freedmen Aid Societies

  • American Baptist Home Missionary Association
  • American Bible Society, New York
  • American Colonization Society
  • American Freewill Baptist Association
  • American Freedmen's Aid Commission, New York
  • American Freedmen's Aid Union, New York
  • American Freedmen's and Union Commission, New York
  • American Home Missionary Association
  • American Missionary Association, New York
  • Americn Tract Society
  • American Union Commission
  • Arkansas Relief Committee, Little Rock
  • Baltimore Association for the Moral and Educational Improvement of the Colored People, Baltimore
  • Benezet Freedmen's Relief Association, Philadelphia
  • Birmingham & Midland Freedmen's Aid Association, Birmingham, England
  • Boston Educational Commission, Boston
  • British and Foreign Freedmen's Aid Society, London
  • Cincinnati Contraband Relief Association, Cincinnati
  • Cleveland Aid Commission, Cleveland
  • Committee for Aid to the Freedmen of the West
  • Contraband Relief Society, St. Louis
  • Darlington Committee, England
  • Delaware Association for the Education and Moral Improvement of the Colored People
  • Freewill Baptist Church, Home Missionary Society of, Dover, N.H.
  • Friends Colored Relief Association of Philadelphia
  • Friends' Association for the Aid and Elevation of the Freedmen, Philadelphia
  • Friends' Association in Aid of Freedmen, Baltimore
  • Friends Association of Philadelphia and Its Vicinity for the Relief of Colored Freedmen
  • Friends' Central Relief Committee, England
  • Georgia Equal Rights Association, Georgia
  • Hicksite Friends Association, Philadelphia
  • Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends
  • Leeds Freedmen's Aid Association, Leeds, England
  • Leicester Freedmen's Aid Society, Leicester, England
  • London Freedmen's Relief Association
  • Manchester Association, Manchester, England
  • Methodist Church, Freedmen's Aid Society of the
  • Massachusetts Episcopal Association for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge Among Freedmen and Other Colored Persons of the South and Southwest, Boston
  • Nashville Refugees Aid Society.
  • National Association for the Relief of Destitute Colored Women and Children, Washington
  • National Committee of British Freedmen's Aid Societies, London
  • National Freedmen's Relief Association of the District of Columbia, Washington
  • National Freedmen's Relief Association of New York .
  • New England Freedmen's Aid Society, Boston
  • New England Refugees' Aid Society.
  • New England Yearly Meeting of Friends, New Bedford
  • New Hampshire Freedmen's Relief Association, Concord
  • Northampton Association, Northampton, England
  • Northwestern Freedmen's Aid Commission, Chicago
  • Orthodox Friends Association,Philadelphia
  • Presbyterian Church, Genral Committee of freedmen of.
  • Presbyterian Church, Committee of Home Missions of.
  • Pennsylvania Freedmen's Relief Association, Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh Freedmen's Relief Association.
  • Port Royal Relief Committee, Philadelphia
  • Protestant Episcopal Freedmen's Commission, New York
  • Reformed Presbyterian Board of Missions.
  • Soldiers' Memorial Society, Boston
  • Southern Famine Relief Commission
  • Southern Famine Relief Association Archive Grid
  • Union and Emancipation Society,Manchester, England
  • United Presbyterians
  • United States Commission for the Relief of the National Freedmen, Washington
  • United States Sanitary Commission.
  • United States Christian Commission.
  • United Western Freedmen's Aid Commission.
  • Washington Freedmen's Society.
  • Western Freedmen's Aid Commission, Cincinnati
  • Western Sanitary Commission.
  • Women's Aid Association, Philadelphia
  • Worken's Auxiliary of the Midland Association, England

Colored Societies

  • Auxilary to the New England Society, Warrenton, Va.
  • African Civilization Society.
  • African Methodist Episcopal Missionary Society, Brooklyn/Baltimore
  • Georgia State Education Association.
  • Freedmen's Mutual Improvement Society, Charlottesville, Va.
  • Ladies Patriotic Association, Charlottesville, Va.
  • Lincoln National Temperance Association.
  • Savannah Educational Association.

Freedmen Newspapers

  • The Freedmen's Record: Boston, 1865-1874, New England Freedmen's Aid Society
  • The Freedmen's Advocate: New York
  • The American Freedmen: New York, American Freedmen's and Union Commission
  • The Ameirican Freedmen's Journal: New York
  • The American Missionary:New York, American Missionary Association
  • The Freed-Man:London,British and Foreign Freed-Men;s Aid Society
  • The Loyal Georgia, Georgia Equal Rights Association
  • Source: Department of the Interior. US Bureau of Educartion. Negro Education A Study of the Private and Higher Schools for Colored People In the United States. Volume 1. Washington:Government Printing Office, 1917, pp 299-301

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