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I am a 70 year old former school administrator who retired five years ago.  Shortly after retirement my wife, Jane, and I served a Church Mission as senior missionaries to the beautiful country of Scotland.  While serving as a Branch President in Huntly,Scotland, we had a Helping Hands Project with our small branch copying the information off of the epitaphs of all the headstones in the local municipal cemetery.  We gathered information on some 10,000 people from the ephitaphs.  We also went to the county record office and copied information from some very old record books that gave additional general information for each grave.  We printed all the information in a two-volumn book and gave copies to various groups in the community and two local family history centers.

When we returned home, we gave copies of the books and CDs to the Family History Library.  That information is now available at the Family History Library.  If you have relatives from Huntly, Scotland, they probably were buried in the local municipal cemetery.