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Need Help Finding Japanese Ancestors?

My heart and passion is not only in connecting others with their Japanese ancestors, but also in helping them to understand the culture and to be proud of who they are and where they come from: a very special kind of people.

Need something translated to English from Japanese? I can help!
My lineage is from Japan, and that is where my passion lies. From the Japanese language, the art of writing in and painting of the Japanese Kanji, reading, and speaking Japanese, and honorific writings - this is my focus.

Ancient Japanese History

Have you noticed that while the Japanese know much about other countries and cultures but very little is understood or know about the Japanese? Sadly, not only is Japanese history not taught in America, even in her mother country, Japan has limited history added to their secondary education studies. Therefore, the younger generations today are losing their history and their identity in Japan. My goal is to help all interested in discovering the lost history of Japan.

My Japanese Heritage

My Grandmother's Family Line, Oshida (忍田), goes up to the 56th Emperor of Japan, Emperor Seiwa, (imina: Korehito). Furthermore, the Seiwa Genji is predominantly responsible for producing the Bakufu (Warrior Class) - the Samurai. Our lineage comes down the line of Shoguns, who greatly contributed to instilling Bushido (The Way of the Warrior) into the soul of Japan. Additionally, I spend a majority of my time studying the Samurai Class, the wives of Samurai (onna bugeisha's) who were just as fierce, if not more fierce, when in battle, for their allegiance was not to their Lord, as their Samurai husband's was, but to their hearth; and they protected it at all costs.

Japan: The Great Unknown Because little is known about the Japanese and their fierce battle techniques, they are seen as brutal and heartless to many. I would say that the Japanese are the most misunderstood ethic group of people in the world; all due to our lack of knowledge of ancient Japanese history. To understand the soul of Japan, one must understand where she came from, how she formed, and the effect Bushido has had, and still has on the foundation of the islands.

I do hope for the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the world's understanding of the Japanese.

Please allow me the priviledge of helping you find family members in Japan or any history that you would like to know more about in relation to Japan.

Please send all email inquiries to