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FamilySearch Research Wiki
FamilySearch Research Wiki
Your contributions make research by the rest of us possible
Welcome to the

family history wiki
Welcome to the

family history wiki

Learn where to find record collections and get genealogical research advice in our 98,157 articles

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"One on One" Help options[edit | edit source]

Contact Support personnel through their user pages
Use the talk pages
Fill out a Submit form
Add a "helpme" template to your user page

There is always a way to find help
Click here to access
the HELP Categories

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Have comments or fixes to report
Use Feedback. the talk page or submit form
Your voice is important to us


The "fake" left sidebar was borrowed from one of Charles' sandbox pages.

The bookrack image and the phrase "Your contributions make research by the rest of us possible" (paraphrased) were taken from another of Charles' sandboxes.

Elements of the current home page were copied via code and were modified for this page.

The official "searchbox" was not authorized for this page so a "fake" one was fabricated.

Header image and highlight box were fashioned after FS website "look and feel".

A new map was prepared (colors can be changed) but is not yet image mapped.

I was somewhat surprised there was not a "Welcome" statement on actual home page.

Will make a progression from this "fantasy" Home Page to each of the three major links "New to Genealogy?", "New to the Wiki?", Want to Help?" and from selected sidebar links.

Guidelines for page development in this MyWikiWorld (experiment).

  • Home page should exhibit significant style similarities to FS
Header banner with translucent box over image. Use white lettering
Use of FS colors (highlighting) were possible
Place a matching highlight box as a part of the top banner (for extra information)
Have minimal links and an open (airy) appearance
Fully develop all links to appropriate pages (eventually)
  • On subsequent (next level) links
Continue to use the top banner on 2nd level pages
Use FS colors carried over to match home page, if possible (not mandatory)
Design rest of page as a transition between FS style and Wiki article style
Possible use bullet hubs for 2nd level pages
if third level hub is used then the header banner would change to text only
  • Third level
Carry over Text banner (FS colors?, no image banner) if bullet hub is used.
Standard wiki format for article pages
  • Fourth level
Standard wiki format for pages
Evaluate a state or county page design (make mockup for MN)

Progression display (site map) from “Main page”


“New to genealogy?”

Use a bullet hub to progress through the learning process

Hub: Getting started
  • Getting started (Basic Wiki Navigation)
  • Genealogy Basics (terminology)
  • Start collecting family info
  • Storing the information (select software)
  • Photographs and Documents (copy and preserve)
  • Learning research principles (wiki + records collections)
  • Things you can try
  • Get others involved

“New to the wiki?”

What is the objective of a new user to the wiki? Each question will require a different set of articles to help them to achieve their goals. Consider a bullet hub? Each bullet progressing to a higher level of complexity.

  • Do they only want to learn how to search for records,
  • Do they want to learn how to do research
  • Do they just want to learn to navigate to check out the wiki
  • Do they want to learn to do editing
  • Do they want to learn how to write articles
  • Do they want to help with the wiki
  • Do they want to become part of the support group

Hub:What is the Wiki
  • About the Wiki (history, governance, Wiki Support)
  • Setting your preferences (custom versus default)
  • Editing in the Wiki (editor types: wikitext, VisualEditor, rich editor)
  • Advanced navigation (basics + sidebars, hubs, categories, etc)
  • Using the search engine (filters) + searching categories
  • How to use the Wiki Help files (link to Hub:Help content?)
  • User page and playing in a sandbox (+ add sandbox pages & archiving)
  • Watching pages (from menu tab or during edit saves)
  • Using “Talk” pages + (use the "help me" template if stuck)
  • Uploading images (copyrights) + (what to include if uploading images)
  • Categorizing (searching and adding a category to articles)
  • How to report issues (fixes) (using "talk" or "submit")
  • Review the"Known Issues" page before submitting a case for tech
  • Dos and Don’ts Revoew

“Want to help?”

Hub: Volunteers
  • Things you can do
  • Join a team project (Research projects or Support projects)
  • Contribute to the wiki (add content/citations or "fix/submit")
  • Join groups (Meet and Talk - attend committee meetings)
  • Provide input (to area projects, create articles, enhance content)

  • Research projects
  • State projects
  • County projects
  • Barn-Raising projects
  • Adopt a page
  • Specialty projects (nationalities, ethnic groups, Native Americans. etc)
  • FamilySearch digital collections
  • International projects (England, Denmark, Mexico, Sweden, etc)

  • Outside the Wiki
  • Wiki Support projects
  • Fix or submit projects (clean up)
  • Enhance content (upgrade or update)
  • Add new content (articles or sections)
  • Translations (to and from English)
  • Categorizing (articles and photos)
  • Expand Help content
  • Join Wiki Support Team (patrolling, approving images, etc.)

  • How to participate (IS THIS THE SAME AS "THINGS YOU CAN DO"?)

  • Research Groups (join)

  • Meet and Talk (contact)
  • ask questions ( to project leaders, to anyone! )
  • meetings (Community support, Contributors, Technical)
  • Ask for an invitation to Yammer
  • Participate at GetSatisfaction

  • Your input is wanted (provide information)
  • Provide local information for area projects
  • Update articles (links, style, content, images, etc)
  • Create new articles (start new or expand of existing)

From the SIDEBAR

Hub: Wiki Support
  • What is Wiki Support
  • About the Wiki
  • Support Role
  • Community governs
  • Wiki Policies
  • Guiding Principles
  • Volunteers Wanted
  • The Support Center
SubHub:Support Center
  • Team
  • Meetings
  • Maintenance
  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Reports
  • Training
  • Talk with us (use "submit" form)

Hub: Wiki Community
  • New to genealogy

  • New to the Wiki

  • Contributor help

  • Research help

  • Committees

  • Project Meetings

  • Societies and Libraries


Hub: Help content
  • Getting started (navigation)
  • Using search (filters)
  • Searching categories (category, files, templates)
  • Advanced navigation (using Sidebars and Hubs)
  • Special pages

  • Using the wiki editors (wiketext, rich editor, VisualEditor -future)
  • add images
  • add tables
  • add citations
  • copy and paste

  • Editing pages
  • Etiquette (do not edit other user pages - use the talk page)
  • User pages (not the same rules as articles)
  • copying code from other pages
  • copy tables
  • copy parameters
  • internal versus external links
  • image map editor (create)

  • Creating new pages
  • Appropriate content
  • Guidelines and Policies
  • Manual of Style
  • Use template to mark :In-progress (relinquish article when done)

  • categorizing a page
  • Selecting best categories
  • Creating a category or subcategory

  • Learn HTML and wikitext (Lessons 1-7)

  • Reporting abuse
  • Types of abuse (Neutrality, Commercial, Offensive, Immoral)
  • Discuss on Talk page
  • Mark pages/content with templates
  • ASAP Deletion Request

Top of Page

SAVE: Example: Hispanic Resources   AND  Example: England or United States