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Additional Helps

Headers[edit | edit source]

  • Headers indicate the different sections on the page.
  • Headers allow you to use the blue "edit source" link located between square brackets "[ ]" on the right side of the header. You can put your mouse over it to see, "Edit section:

(name of the header)."

  • Creating at least four headers will cause the Wiki to create a Table of Contents at the top of the page.
  • If you do not want a Table of Contents, enter the coding __NOTOC__ before the first header (two underscores, NOTOC, two underscores).

WikiText For Header Sizing[edit | edit source]

=Header 1=

==Header 2==

===Header 3===

====Header 4====

=====Header Five=====
======Header Six======

Coding headers[edit | edit source]

=Header= One

==Header== Two

===Header=== Three

====Header==== Four

=====Header===== Five
======Header====== Six
  • NOTICE the equal signs on either side of the headers.
  • NOTICE the number of equal signs determines size of font.

Header Uses[edit | edit source]

= header 1 = - is reserved for article titles. PLEASE, Do not use header one while editing, or creating pages. Putting = header 1 = on the top of a page will make the TITLE on the page DISAPPEAR.
== header 2 == - is the most used header, when used, it will create a line under it to separate the the sections.
=== header 3 === - is a subheader to ==header 2 ==.
==== header 4 ==== - is a subheader to === header 3 ===.
=====Header 5=====
======Header 6======
- are used sparingly, however, they do have their uses.

Edit Boxes[edit | edit source]

  • Creating headers also creates a way to edit just that one section, once you have saved it, an edit box will appear within square brackets"[ ]" at the right of the header name.
  • If you click on this link, it allows you to edit the material between this header and the next, without affecting the rest of the page.
  • This allows you to edit a small section rather than searching for a specific section through the entire page of code.

Try these out[edit | edit source]

Exercise Answers
  1. == History ==
  2. === Vital Records ===
  3. === Birth Certificates ====

Quick Quiz Answers
  • NO use'a da Header One in da FamilySearch Wiki okey dokey?
  • Header 5 and da 6a - we'a hardely use'a!
  • Header 2 a works really well in dis a WIki
  • Avoid da Heada Tree and da Heada Four in da articles.