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Professional Experience
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Every family has a story. We can discover yours. Founded in 2004, Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc. (R) is a full service professional research company located near the world famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our team of professional genealogists specialize in researching genealogy, including U.S. genealogy, the British Isles, Germany, Canada, Italy, genetic genealogy and DNA analysis and more. We also work with genealogists in archives and repositories worldwide, and have helped thousands of clients break through genealogy "brick walls".

Free Consultation[edit | edit source]

We'd love to help you discover your family tree! Send us your genealogy questions for a free consultation

Why Hire Us?
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  • Highly Qualified - Our core team of professional genealogists have university degrees in genealogy and family history, are accredited genealogists, have received certifications and other awards, and/or have decades of genealogy experience.
  • Professional standards - Legacy Tree Genealogists follows stringent quality practices, ensuring that the genealogy research done on each family tree is done well and presented clearly.
  • Pooled resources - By putting together a team of qualified professional genealogists we can take care of almost any need you may have, whether part of your family tree is Irish, Latin, German, or Russian. This eliminates the burden of finding a new genealogist each time your ancestry is traced to a different part of the world.
  • Location - Our location in Salt Lake City, Utah means we have regular access to the Family History Library, which holds millions of genealogical records for nearly every country in the world.
  • Connections - If we aren't able to access a record through the Family History Library in Utah, we have contacts with agents all over the world who access records for us.
  • Experience and ability - Having put together an amazing team of professional genealogists, we know your family tree will be researched with the care and high standards you expect and deserve. We know how to accurately trace your ancestry in spite of the challenges involved.
  • Full Service Professional Research - Our packages include:

        • Original research
        • Documents
        • Full report and record list
        • Family genealogy charts
        • Presentation binder
        • Private family web page
        • Temple Ready also available

Contact Information
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  • Website: Legacy Tree
  • Email:
  • Phone: 800.818.1476
  • Address: 50 W. Broadway Suite 303
    Salt Lake City, UT 84101
  • Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. M-F (MST)