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My name is Lana Archibald.

I am new to Wiki, but have been assigned to learn how to use it so that I can help our family history center director in teaching it to others.  I am a volunteer staff member at the Tremonton-Garland Family History Center.

I have been actively working on family history since I was 12 years old, and have been using the Internet for research since 1991.  In addition, I have taught classes on how to "Track and Trace Your Ancestors on the Internet" in the Box Elder School District's Community Education courses, at Bridgerland Applied Technology College, at the Tremonton-Garland Family History Center, and in our home ward.

My main focus on research has been divided between the ARCHIBALD Scottish coalminers of Midlothian, Firth, and surrounding counties of Scotland, and our early MORRISON, STEWART, BARKER, LICHTENBERGER, families living on the frontiers of the USA.  In addition I gather information on all of our pedigree tree.

I have learned to create webpages and created one for sharing my research, photos, histories, artifacts gathered etc pertaining to my ancestors.  You can access it here: