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Here is a previously published Bio for myself:

Bio for Larry Pepper

Married Mary Lynne Doherty 2004 – present
Pepper Photo specializing in Digital Restoration of photos 2004 – present
Member of:
Illinois State Genealogical Society 2007 – present
Current 1st Vice President
Past Honors and Awards Committee chair
Elgin Genealogical Society, IL 2005 – present
Past Vice President
Past President
Kane County Genealogical Society, IL 2005 – present
Champaign County Genealogical Society, IL 2010 – present

I believe that my interest in genealogy started from the intersection of three situations of my life: the absence of my Father and all of his relatives, the early death of my Maternal Grandmother, and the very close relationship I had with my Maternal Grandfather. My Maternal Grandfather was deeply involved with my family and he was the family historian. I was a curious kid and asked him many questions and luckily, he provided a lot of answers.

My work on my family genealogy has wafted and waned, so I have not gone as far back as I could have in 42 years of work. One of my early goals was to have every branch back to the Atlantic before jumping over. Almost every branch has its tip in the water now, with a couple of exceptions well over the pond and a couple others not in sight of the water yet. I am still in the process of learning how to do “it” right.

I was born and raised in Urbana, Champaign Co., IL. During the summer of 1969, I began working on my family genealogy and started filling a three ring binder left over from junior high school. I still have that binder; I am a bit of a pack rat / collector, which is handy for a genealogist.

Following a career change for my wife, Mary Lynne Doherty, I moved to the suburbs of Chicago in early 2004. After this move, we decided to start a home-based business and Pepper Photography was created; we specialize in digital restoration of photos. We have been kept busy growing the business, so ask me for a business card when you see me. With my love of history and genealogy, this venture has been especially rewarding.

During my term as Vice President at Elgin Genealogical Society, I met many of the wonderful members of the ISGS when I coordinated the volunteers for the ISGS 40th anniversary conference. Afterwards, the ISGS president asked me if I would join ISGS, which I did, and the rest is history.