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Example Page Without Sidebar

Why Should I Look at these Records?

Only use this category when necessary. For example, if you have a record collection that the typical patron doesn't understand why they would need it, here is a really good place to explain why it is useful to them. (Example: British Columbia Estate Files.)

What is in this Collection?

Always use this category. This is where you explain the record collection, the history behind it (if you find it necessary) and other useful tidbits about the collection that you think the patrons should know about.

Collection Contents

Only use this category when necessary. This is where you would put an important coverage table that is needed front and center to understand the collection. (Example: Indonesia, Jawa Tengah, Banjarnegara, Naturalization Records)

Image Visibility

Only use this category when necessary. This is where you would put important information about being able to view the images in a collection, such as having to be a member of a supporting organization or needing to be a registered user.

Sample Images

Only use this category when there are images available. Attach the sample images here and do a bullet list of information the patron could possibly find in the collection. For collections without images, you can put the bullet list of possible information they could find in the index under the "What is in this Collection?" heading. (Example without images: Ontario, 1861 Census)

How do I Search the Collection?

Always use this category. The two major things that should be here are: Search for a name in the index and a link to the index (only if the collection contains an index) and Look through the Images with a link to the images (only if the collection contains images)

Example (use exact wording, except to replace links or the browse hierarchy)
Search by Name by visiting the Collection Page.

View Images in this collection by visiting the Browse Page.
Once you've reached the browse page, follow these instructions to get to the images:
⇒ Select the appropriate "Digital Folder Number" which takes you to the images.

What do I do Next?

What does this record tell me?

Only use this category when necessary. This category is for helping the patron to understand and properly analyze the information they have from the record found in this collection. For example, here is where you can point out a section of the document that often gets overlooked.

Did you find the person you were looking for?

Only use this category if you have directions what the patron should do next. This is where you can give them step-by-step instructions on other record collections they can look at or other places they can go to find more information. (Example: British Columbia Estate Files)

What if I can't find who I'm looking for?

Always use this category. This is where you can suggest tips and tricks to help them find who they are looking for. You can also point out things like, "your ancestor will most likely only be in this collection if they were a wealthy landowner" or "Spelling wasn't standardized at this time, so try searching for your ancestor's name using spelling variations or nicknames." (Example: British Columbia Estate Files)

Known Issues With this Collection

Don't worry about adding this category, only use it if it is already in the article.

Citing this Collection

Always use this category. Use the citations that are relevant to the collections.

How you can Contribute to the FamilySearch Wiki

Always use this category. Use this template to populate the text:

We welcome user additions to FamilySearch Historical Records wiki articles. We are looking for additional information that will help readers understand the topic and better use the available records. We also need translations for collection titles and images in articles about records written in languages other than English. For specific needs, please visit WikiProject FamilySearch Records.

Please follow these guidelines as you make changes. Thank you for any contributions you may provide.


Don't worry about adding or making changes to this, only use it if it is already in the article. (Like what is at the very bottom of this Prince Edward Island article.)