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Name: Jean Wharton                                                                                                                      


Wiki Maintenance

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About Me

I have worked in the technology field and training field for around 40 years.  I know how to build web pages, design training classes, including self-directed classes.  I have been supporting the website at the Mesa Family History Center which is a large Multi-Stake center.  For years I have worked with web design, databases, document repositories and some programming. 

I am currently retired for one year and am anxious to offer my help to any familysearch project.  I have been contributing to Find.A.Grave and assist many of the volunteers in the family history center with any computer or application problems they may have.

About my Family

Currently it is just my husband and I at home.  We raised 11 children from 2 separate marriages.  The integration process was difficult but somehow we lived through it and today we have 26 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.  We live in Arizona, although some of our children/grandchildren live here, many live in different states (Washington, Utah, and Colorado) and one in another country (Australia). Family Reunions are usually busy, chaotic and just plain wonderful.  Everyone loves getting together and reminicing about the awful things we did to them when they were small and finally end up talking about all the fun places we visited and all the things they have learned over the years.


Web Design, Training, Developing Training Classes (technical, application and leadership), MSOffice proficient, Project Management, Business Analyst and more.  If I listed them all you would probably fall asleep.