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United States
Noble County

Personal Actions

1. Always work to improve the site. Better content, improved usability, and clear and complete information will improve the site. Freely apply the six Guiding Principles.

2. Bots provisions. Bots, or programs that update pages automatically, are not allowed without prior consent from FamilySearch management.

Content and Style

1. Attack pages. Pages which have the sole purpose of disparaging a topic or the contributor are not allowed. These pages will be deleted and the author will be subject to warnings or discipline that could include revocation of their site privileges.

2. Biographies. Biographies of individuals, whether living or deceased, are not allowed (except as an example or case study to illustrate a procedure or principle). The research Wiki is for general help in finding sources for information of ancestral data, not for sharing the specific data once it is found. For suggestions for where biographies or name-based indexes or databases can be published on the Internet, see Try another Wiki.

Edit Boxes

1. When headers are created using equal signs, an edit box appears, within square brackets"[ ]" just to the right of the header name.

2. Clicking on this allows you to edit the material under the header down to the next header, but nothing else on the page.

3. This allows you to edit a small section rather than having to find it after clicking on Edit source at the top of the page and searching for that section through the entire page of code.

Main article: Abbreviations Lists for Personal Names (English)

Jno or Johes = John
Hy = Henry
Wm = William =Willus
xpher  or Xpoferus= Christopher The first two letters are not really X and p but the greek letter X(Ch) and p (r) Xp was a customary abbreviation for Christ. In "Xmas" the second letter has been dropped.
Jas = James
Jos = Joseph
Geo = George
Rici=of Richard
Benj = Benjamin


Unordered Lists

Truck SUV Jeep Beetle Car

Ordered Lists

Hatchback Minivan Mercedes Benz Smartcar

Nesting Lists

Unordered Nesting Lists

Apples Granny Smith Golden Delicious Red Delicious Pears

Ordered Nesting Lists

Apples Granny Smith Golden Delicious Red Delicious Pears

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