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Academic Degrees
B.S. Education, 1973, A.S. General Studies, 1971, Weber State College
   Undergraduate work—Brigham Young University, WSC, 1969-1971
   Post-graduate work—Weber State University, Utah State University, 
       University of Utah, BYU, University of Oregon, 1972-2001

• Career Genealogist, Local & Family Historian
• Career Educator, Teacher Certification—Utah State Board of Education, 
       1972-2001, Oregon State Board of Education, 1975-1980

• Weber County Public Library
• Weber County School District
• University of Oregon
• State of Oregon, Department of Welfare Services
• Corporation of the Presiding Bishop, Welfare Services, 2000-2001
• Family History Library – Salt Lake City, 2001- present 
       Photoduplication, Research Assistant & Interim Supervisor, 2001-2005
       Library Public Affairs, Research Consultant, 2005-2009
       VIP Services, Research Consultant, 2009 to 2011
       U.S./CAN Reference Unit, Research Consultant, 2011 to present

Public and private school instruction and curriculum development—writing, piloting, implementation/teaching, and review of local, regional, national, and international studies including cultural/ethnic, family/genealogical history, geography, and social studies; also language, writing, composition, math, science, physical education, technology, and the arts

Genealogical Researcher, 35+ years
Client and project based work, 35+ years
• Worldwide records
• England and Wales, Sweden, German Empire
• United States, esp. Utah Territory, Mexican Territory, Pacific Northwest; Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio; Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina
• LDS Research, Immigration, Migration
• Methodology: Pedigree Analysis, Problem Solving, Getting Started, Research Guidance, Descendancy Research, Using the FHL Collection
• FamilySearch Products
• Online Resources

Education and Training

  BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy
• National Genealogical Society
• Irish Genealogical Research (60 hrs), David Rencher & David Ouimette
• Advanced Genealogical Methods (60 hrs), Tom Jones, Claire Bettag, Rick Sayre
• BYU Computerized Family History & Genealogy Conferences
• Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, Midwestern U.S. Research
• Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, Tracing Immigrant Origins
• FHL International Reference training (50 wks/125 hrs)
• Utah Genealogical Association Conferences
• Willamette Valley Conferences
• World Conference on Records

Organizational Membership, Affiliation and Leadership
• Education: PTSA, WEA, UEA, NEA
• Genealogical Societies: UGA, GSU
• Heritage: DUP, Mormon Battalion Association, president
• Family: Pickford Association, president; Olson Family Organization, chair
• Advisory: Job Welling Family Executive Board, independent consultant

• Davis County, “Friends of the Library”
• Ward and Stake Family History Consultant 
• Regional Family History Center Staff – Eugene, Oregon; Ogden, Utah
• Stake Extraction (UDE); FamilySearch Indexing


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