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Maryland biographies

Template for MSLF Locality Portion

Name of Church Unit


  • Organized:
  • History: (Splits and Merges)
  • Stakes or Missions)

Records: Format (each item entered separately)

Dates of item Type of Record FHL film no. with item no


Encyclopedic History of the Church

Comprehensive History of the Church

DUP sources

Improvement Era

Books: (determine bibliographic entry format)

What to be aware of in training:

Identify counties -- first for California, then for other states. -- write county name on card (Person doing this can separate out multi state and state general items as they go.)

Two states -- enter for current state and set aside to link from other states -- box make more links

Statewide items -- not Church units -- set aside for later processing -- box -- decide later

Glossary of terms:

  • Form E
  • Stake
  • Mission
  • Ward
  • Branch
  • District