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Births After 1969

If you know the exact date of birth, you can order a copy of the certificate if you are:

  • The person on the certificate
  • The parents and grandparents of person on the certificate
  • The wife or husband of the person on the certificate
  • The children and grandchildren of the person on the certificate
  • The brothers or sisters of the person on the certificate
  • Anyone who has legal interest in the certificate

A copy of the birth record cannot be obtained by anyone else until after 100 years from the date of the birth.

Order a copy of the birth certificate from the Vital Registration office.

If you do not know the exact date of death:
For a fee, the Vital Registration office will do a 3 year search.

Substitutes for birth record information:

  • Church Records: Depending on the denomination, church records may contain information about birth, marriage and death.
  • Cemetery Records: Cemetery records are a rich source of birth and death information. These records may also reveal family relationships.
  • Census: Census records are a valuable source for birth and marriage information.
  • Newspapers: Besides obituaries, local newspapers may contain birth and marriage announcements and death notices. Also check newspaper social columns for additional information.

If the Birth was before 1969

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