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G.C. Duerden


    Male, over 60, married, LDS, several decades of interest and research in family history and related areas of interest (Heraldry, Chivalry, Tribal Heraldry, Nobility, etc.)  Father, grandfather, family-man. RM, CSM (1x), Stake Missionary (2x), several secretary and clerk positions in the church, some leadership positions; active member, temple recommend holder  .  .  .  "gentleman and all-around good guy."

     Areas of Interest:

     Lancashire, England

     Native American 'Indian' Research

     Heraldry (European, Asian, U.S., International, etc.)


     Prussian research


     Chivalry (European, Asian, ancient & 'modern,' etc.)

     Tribal Heraldry (Native Am., C.& So. American, Pacific Islander - Polynesian, Melanesian, Micronesian,    No. African, etc.)

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