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The registration was made for economic reasons as the Catholic church, which was the official religion of Norway at the time, was in serious debt. The Black Death had ravaged the country, and many farms were left desolate. Close to 2/3 of the Norwegian population had perished.

All properties were registered so taxes could be assessed. The registration includes the value of each property, amount of taxes paid (or not), and the name(s) of the owners.

The first printed edition of was published by Peter Andreas Munch in 1852. A second version was produced in 1997 by the National Archives of Norway from the original manuscript in the Münchensamlingen (München Collection) in Riksarkivet in Oslo. The manuscript is in such poor condition that it is not available to the general public. In the print version the handwritten manuscript is shown on the left page, and a modern Norwegian language translation is given on the right page. The published version also includes an index by given-name, and place-name.