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I am a life-long LDS member, and former German missionary;

a retired naval officer with cryptology and intelligence specialities;

a German / Dutch / Russian linguist and interested in Germanic and Slavic Languages.


I am particularly interested in history of my paternal family line in the Ostpreussen / East Prussia part of Germany, and in Kreis Osterode and Kreis Neidenburg.

Research and study has included as well the history of East Central Europe and the southern coast of the Baltic Sea; German influence in the area;

the languages and cultures of the peoples, including Poles, Masovians, Masurians, the Old Prussian tribes and the other Baltic peoples, Kuren, Letts, Lithuanians, etc.

Maritime and trade activity, particularly the grain trade and exports to England and Scotland.

I have spent a lot of time in Evangelische Kirchenbuecher in East Prussia and welsome contact with like interests, in German or English.