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Marriages in Wales between 1837 and 1901 were recorded by the government. These records are called civil registration records. Search these records to find information about your Welsh ancestor's marriage.

Find Wales civil registration marriage records

Before searching for civil registration marriage certificates you should know the following:

  • first and last name for the bride or groom (both will be best)
  • about when the the marriage took place
  • the county where the couple married

Added information that will be helpful before searching for a marriage certificate:

  • full name of both the bride and groom
  • father's name and occupation of the bride and groom
  • the parish or town name where the couple married

Step 1.  Search an Index

FreeBMD provides an extensive index which can be searched online for free.

Step 2.  Obtain a copy of the record

After searching an index and finding what appears to be a relevant entry, obtain a copy of the marriage record/certificate. An index entry may provide enough detail to help answer a question but the additional details on the certificate will provide critical clues for successful and accurate research.

The national registrar provides an easy method for ordering a copy of a certificate onlinewith a credit card for about fifteen dollars.

Step 3.  Add new details to your notes

Add the details learned from the marriage record to your note keeping system and share with others on New FamilySearch. Be sure to document where the new information came from.

Step 4. What to do if you don't find your ancestor

Sample Wales civil registration record

Wales Glamorgan Marriages (10-0267) DGS 4174167 19.jpg

A marriage certificate will show:
  • When married (day month and year)
  • Names of bride and groom
  • Age of bride and groom
  • marital condition of bride and groom
  • Rank or profession
  • Residence at time of marriage
  • Father's name of bride and groom
  • Father's profession
  • Registration district name
  • Place of the marriage