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How to do Weekly FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance Report[edit | edit source]

A complete step by step guide to this report can be found at FamilySearch Wiki:Weekly Report/How to

* Do report each Sunday

* Send report to Danielle Batson and Giuseppe Martinego and me each Sunday

* To start report, print out report summary sheet. On the sheet record the numbers for the week and then transfer the numbers to the Wiki screen

**The form to print out can be found at Maintenance Report

* When all the numbers for the week are found, enter them into the Wiki by Edit Source for the report.

* Double check that all the numbers are in the right row

* In the comment section, type in Updated

* Save the report

* Copy the new URL and send it to Danielle and Giuseppe Martinego by email, cc to me so that I have prof that I did the report and emailed it.

If, for some reason, I miss doing a weekly report, its ok, the world will not end at that time. Go through the report and put X's in each space so as to not confuse myself the next week.

Go through and correct all errors that were counted for the week. Use your guide as to what to leave and what to fix.

The report format is for 3 months at a time. NEVER take the report for the past 3 months and change it for the next 3 months. I must ALWAYS locate the report for the stated 3 months time frame. There is a report for Jan, Feb, March. One for April, May, June. One for July, Aug, and Sept. And one for Oct, Nov, and Dec.

Locate the report by typing in the search bar: FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance Report.
It will show the 4 different reports. Pick the 3 month period that I need. With the new report loaded, go into Edit Source and then edit.

#1 Change the year in all 5 places to the current year.

#2 Enter in the month date for the 4 or 5 Sundays in each 3 months across the row.

#3 Copy and paste that information for each area. Now the report will have the current year and all 3 months will have the current date number for the report.

#4 Summary is Updated

#5 Save

#6 Move on and do the weekly report.