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How to do Category's[edit | edit source]

To get to the pages with the Category information to patrol, from any Wiki page, at the bottom left hand side, click on "special pages", and the Special Pages screen will open.
The only area I am concerned with is the Maintenance Reports. The rest require others to maintain.

In the Maintenance Report area, these are the only ones I can work:[edit | edit source]

  • Broken Redirects YES

  • Double Redirects YES

  • Uncategorized categories YES

  • Uncategorized files YES

  • Uncategorized pages YES

  • Uncategorized templates NO Charles Smith is in charge of all templates

  • Unused categories NO Leave these alone. I don't know who uses them so just leave them.

  • Unused files NO Other websites may link to them, so leave them alone

  • Unused templates NO Charles Smith is in charge of all templates

  • Unwatched pages NO At this time, no one cares

  • Wanted categories YES

Special Instructions for each:[edit | edit source]

  • Broken Re-Directs: Utah County will not leave the screen, so don't try to fix it.

  • Double Re-directs: These happen when the page has been deleted. Kathy Hannah is going through and combining Germany so there will be many from Germany now.

  • Uncategorized categories: Boone County is broken and will not leave the screen, so don't try to fix it.

  • Uncategorized files: These are either PDF or images. Go into the Edit Source and add the category PDF or Image, comment = added category, and save.

  • Uncategorized pages: Most of these will be FamilySearch Historical Records. Leave them alone. If it is something other, fix it. If it is someones sandbox, add the category to get it off the report.

  • Wanted categories: Many of these are because someone added a category and spelled it wrong. Correct the spelling and its fixed and off the report. **Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls‏‎ (14 members)** is a Charles Smith, DoNot Touch. IMPORTANT: Kathy Hanna does reference errors, but I can do them also.

Wanted categories: If there is a request for a category that really doesn't exist, it must be linked to a higher category. Think of it like this: Continent, Country, State, County, City, Street Number, House number. You can't just have a house number floating free through the atmosphere. The house number must be linked to the city, which is linked to the county, and so on. Never, Never create a category without linking it to a higher category.

For instance: Someone took a photo of the New Milford, Connecticut library, and it was uploaded and a put in a category of "New Milford, Connecticut". If you look, you will see that it is not the graduation. ALWAYS put the city images in the county category. It needs to go library, city, county, state, country. But it is going library, city, state so the computer thinks it needs to create a new category. But what needs to happen is this way: library, city, county, state. So, library, New Milford, Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA. ALWAYS put the city images in the county category.

When you have done it correctly, when you go back to the Special Pages page, reload the Wanted category, it will be off of the report.