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General information:[edit | edit source]

I am David Coppin of Logan, Utah.  I have been doing family history research for about 50 years, but full-time only since retirement about 2005. My mother was born in the Netherlands, and I have put together a fairly large tree with many generations and have so far included many collateral lines.  I can read, write and speak Dutch quite fluently, and can help others who need that ability, and I am a volunteer helper at the Family History Center in Logan, Utah, for Dutch and Cornish research.  

My fathers parents were Cornish and Welsh, but I have focused most of my research of the past few years on the Cornish lines, which are all traced into the area in and around Cardinham.  That part of my tree now includes more than 20,000 names and is growing nearly daily.

I am the Online Parish Clerk for the Cardinham and St Winnow parishes and have access to a great deal of data there.  I have transcribed most of the available parish records for those parishes and can quickly search them for anyone needing that information, particularly for Cardinham.  The GSU has released only a few of the records in St Winnow, so I have less information for that parish.  I have a fairly extensive collection of other records and information about Cornwall, and provide assistance to others needing help with research in Cornwall, again through the Family History Center here, as well as over the internet through the Cornwall Online Parish Clerks organization.  

Education:[edit | edit source]

B.S. (Zoology, Chemistry)  Utah State University, 1966

M.D.  University of Utah, 1970

Post-doctoral education, various

Memberships:[edit | edit source]

Cornwall Family History Society

Cornwall Online Parish Clerks

[edit | edit source]

English.  Native tongue

Dutch.  Fluent reading, writing, and speaking

German.  Modest ability with reading, writing, and speaking

French.  Very limited ability, reading only

Genealogical research interests:[edit | edit source]


The Netherlands