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Carol Brennan Moss 
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Biography Born: Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Graduated from Dunbarton College of Holy Cross, Washington, D.C., with a BA in Biology/Chemistry, 1970 [scientific process is a great help in doing genealogical research]. I began Family History research in 1975 after joining the LDS Church the year before. I have been doing it every since [37 years].My areas of research focus are the Mid-Atlantic States [Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C.], Michigan, Oregon, and other U.S. states; British Isles, particularly Ireland.

Service in Family History:

  • Ward Family History Consultant
  • Stake Family History Consultant
  • Missionary at Family History Library for 10½ years [1995-2006], U.S./Canada Reference.
    • Trainer for the missionaries in all aspects of research for US/Canada.
  • Professional researcher 2009--
  • Employed as Reference Consultant at Family History Library, US/Canada in 2010
  • Currently employed at FamilySearch, Patron Services, under direction of Darris Williams

Area of Genealogical Research

Mid-Atlantic States: Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland & Washington, D.C.

Midwestern States: Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio

Western States: Oregon, Washington, California

"British Isles"

Special Area: LDS Research


Family History Research for over 35 years (see areas mentioned above)

Volunteer Service in the Family History Library (Salt Lake City, Utah) for 10.5 years in United States/Canada area. Responsibilities included helping patrons with their research questions, teaching weekly classes to the missionary staff on research topics from Vital Records, Church Records, Immigration, Naturalization, Military, Newspapers, Census, to LDS research.


Supervisor at FamilySearch Patron Services

Staff Consultant at Family History Library

Professional researcher for clients at Ancestor Seekers

Family Names

Name Location Birth Death
Brennan County Mayo, Ireland  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania 1860's 1920's
Forsythe County Armagh, Ireland   Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania  1850's  1900's
McGraw County Armagh, Ireland Orange and Tompkins County, New York 1780's 1860's
Nelson Ireland Orange and Tompkins County, New York 1780's 1860's

Gallagher (County Mayo)
Ueberhorst(Westphalen, Germany) (Perth County, Canada) (Michigan) (New York)

Crawford (Ireland) (Pennsylvania) (Minnesota) (Oregon)

Gibbons (Ireland) Pennsylvania (Minnesota)

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