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Undo and Redo tabs:


  • Visual Editor was created to allow people who have little or no knowledge of programming to add material to a Wiki site.
  • It resembles editing in a word processing program.
  • However, Visual Editor does have its limitations
  • LIMITATIONS: For example, you can place images but you have little control as to their size and location in an article.
  • With Visual Editor you can... Add a reference or footnote.
  • With Visual Editor you can create:
A. Paragraphs of information.
B. Tables.
C. Numbered lists.

Paragraphs and Headers:

Here are the sizes of the headers as shown in the menu:

Heading - header which is 2 equal signs (==) in Wikitext coding.

Sub-heading 1 - equals (===) in Wikitext coding.

Sub-heading 2 - equals (====) in Wikitext coding.

Sub-heading 3 - equals (=====) in Wikitext coding.

Sub-heading 4 - equals (======) in Wikitext coding.

Preformatted - Removes the default font and replaces it with a font that looks like old typewriter font.

Block quote - Turns a paragraph or sentence into a block of text that is indented.

Page title - equals (=) in Wikitext coding. However, this size header is RESERVED ONLY FOR ARTICLE TITLES! DO NOT use this size of header in your articles. If you were to make a header with one equal sign, it will remove the actual title at the top of the page, leaving a blank space. In addition, the browser will think your header is now the title of the article.


You can make changes to the style or appearance of text. Highlight the text you want to alter and select from the drop down menu. 

(Notice: You can also change style by using the Control key with another key such as a "i" to change text to italics.)


Creating Internal Links:

  • I'd like to look up information from the locality page of Norway

Creating External Links: ...but no need for brackets. Cut and paste the URL

  1. Check out the Wikipedia using an outside browser.
  2. W3Schools contain very useful information.

Cite References

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place[1], then I became a little "boulder![2]"

Now, boulders in your pathway[1] need not burden your heavy load[3]

With sure footing[2] they become stepping stones to higher roads.[4]



  1. pop corn
  2. dried fruit
  3. water
  1. Supplies
  2. books
  3. paper
  4. pencils
  5. May be either :
  • Bullet Lists or
  • Number Lists


  • Media - allows you to insert images. We are not supposed to add media.

  • Template - allows you to insert a template in an article. Make certain to "save" so the template icon will change to the template image.
da-3 This user is an advanced speaker of Danish
Flag of Denmark.png This user is of Danish ancestry.
This user has taken the Advanced Wikitext lessons in Wiki University

  • Table - allows creation of a table.
Food and drink
Beverages Fruits Vegetables Nuts
Milk carrots Walnuts
Water oranges celery Peacons
Juice grapes turnips Peanuts

  • Comment - allows insertion of a comment on the page that only is seen in the coding and does not appear on the saved page.

  • Gallery - allows you to insert an image on a page.
  • Norway ORP.png

  • Reference list - allows you to place where on the page your references or footnotes will appear.

  1. 1.0 1.1 A difficult position
  2. 2.0 2.1 More courageous
  3. challenges
  4. Goal obtained

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