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Norway Census District Codes[edit | edit source]

Project Leader: Amber Larsen
Purpose: The purpose of this project is to compile a list of the districts and cities that are in the Norway 1890 census. This will help those creating Historical Records articles know and understand how comprehensive the collection is, and what things could be missing.
Spreadsheet: Spreadsheet link
Archives Website: Website link

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Part 1: Spreadsheet[edit | edit source]

1. Open the Spreadsheet, and make sure you are on Sheet 1.

  • NOTE: You will be working almost entirely in the "Sheet 1" part of the spreadsheet. The "Code" Sheet contains a master list of what code numbers are associated with the "City" column entries in Sheet 1.

2. Scroll down until you find the last red city in the "City" column (see example below).

  • NOTE: Example city below has already been completed, though you will see the "Code" and "City" columns are populated with that city's information all the way down. This is intentional, so don't panic if those columns are always full.

Norway step 1.PNG

3. Identify the Code of the last-entered content in the "Code" column

  • Example above: the last-entered code would be 411.

Part 2: Archives Website[edit | edit source]

4. Open the Archives Website link. It should take you directly to the page giving the results of the 1891 Norway Census information.

5. Scroll down the list of results in the Archives Website (or use Ctrl + F) to find the Code number of the last-entered content from step 3 above. You'll begin with the next city/code in the list of results.

6. In the Spreadsheet, find the first row underneath the most recently-added content, and click on the cell in that row in the "Code" column (see example below)

Norway project end of content.PNG

7. In that cell, type the number of the next city in the list of results on the Archives website. (see example below)

Norway step 2.PNG

8. Typing in the number from the Archives Website list will automatically populate the Spreadsheet with the code and the name associated with that code (this information automatically populates due to the corresponding code from the "Code" tab of the spreadsheet) see example below.

Norway step 2.5.PNG

9. Compare the name of the city from the Archives website with the name automatically generated by the Spreadsheet from step 8. If the names match one another, skip to step 12. If the names are different, continue to step 10.

10. If the city names are different, go to the "Code" sheet of the Spreadsheet, and Ctrl + F for the city code number to easily navigate to the respective cell in the sheet.

11. While still in the "Code" sheet, type the correct name of the city in the cell in the "Kommune 1" column.

  • NOTE: the "Code" tab on the Spreadsheet is mostly correct, but occasionally the names of the cities/kommunes will be slightly different from the "Code" sheet than they appear on the Archvies website. We want to updated our "Code" sheet so it accurately matches the way the kommunes are listed on the Archives website.

Part 3: Add Info to the Spreadsheet[edit | edit source]

12. Back on the Archives website, click on "Browse scans" for the city (see example below). This will take you to the Details page.

Norway step 3.5.PNG

13. On the Details page, look in the left-hand column of the table and find the "Hovedlister" entries. Copy all of the content ONLY for the rows that are titled "Hovedlister" (see example below).

  • NOTE: If you are using Google Chrome, when you get to this page it might ask you if you want to translate the page. DO NOT TRANSLATE THE PAGE. We need to keep the information in Norwegian as we add it to the spreadsheet.

Norway step 3.PNG

14. Paste the text you copied into Notepad (if you have a Windows computer, you can find Notepad by searching for it in the Windows start menu).

  • NOTE: the code needs to be Pasted into Notepad before it can be put into the Spreadsheet because adding it to Notepad removes all extraneous font and style code that would mess with the Spreadsheet formatting.

Norway step 5.PNG

15. After you have Copied and Pasted the code into Notepad, Copy the code from Notepad and Paste it into the empty cell in the "List" column next to the first entry of the associated City name (see example below)

Norway step 6.PNG

16. Continue to the next city in the Archives website list, and start again at step 1.