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The purpose of the FamilySearch Wiki is to support researchers and Family History Consultants. While it does not have names of ancestors, it has links to Internet sites that have name indexes and/or images of records. It also has research ideas, information, and tips. The Wiki “helps helpers help people.”

Points You Should Know

  • Get to the Wiki:, click Search, select Wiki (Not to be confused with "Search" at the top of most FamilySearch screens.
  • In the search box (1 on every page), type place name or other search terms.
  • "Clickable" maps are on Nation, State, and many County pages. (wilma Navigate so they can see - don't use these links. Select Spokane County and click to Lincoln County)
  • A [Table of] Contents is on most pages.
  • Toolbox (on right), notice "What links here," a useful tool for any page.
  • Link to [locality]-related articles—a chart at the bottom of many pages (German example)
  • Get help > Learning Center > word search for "Wiki." Short lessons,
  • Computer stuff
    • Enlarge the print Ctrl key and Plus (+) keys
    • All links are blue. External links have

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Areas of the United States page

  • Getting Started with United States research
  • US Map with clickable links to states
  • Topics list
    • Database Websites
    • Record Selection Table
    • Migration: under U.S. Migration Routes, click "Canals"
    • Census
    • Vital Records

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Areas of the state pages


  • Another state: Utah, Idaho, South Carolina, Washington, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Massachusetts

Bo and Joy: If you pick an Eastern State (PA, VA, or MA) do show Civil War stuff under Military. Tell me which pages you choose.

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Areas of the county pages


In the US,many records of our ancestors were created at the county level, making the county pages most helpful for research. (Wilma - search for the first county), use breadcrumb for the 2nd county)

In New England states: Town pages are most helpful. (wilma: searchbox to Adams, Massachusetts) Town pages

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  • England Areas of the page to point out:
    • Beginners Corner and Beginners Guides
    • Clickable map of the counties
    • Featured resources
    • Key Topics and Other Topics
  • England Maps
  • England, under News and Events

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  • Germany

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Mexico, Central and South America

Sister Heaston

  • Mexico
  • (south american country)

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