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The WikiProject Utah team decided to do a community approach to LDS records, rather than individual wards. (Meetings 9/12 and 9/26/2012)

The purpose of this page is to explain how to copy and adapt the "pattern" developed by the team to each LDS community. Click the Discussion tab of this page for the "pattern."

Step 1. Copy the pattern without changing it

A) Click the Discussion tab
B) Click the "Edit This Page" button.
C) Select Wikitext
D) Highlight all (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C)
E) Cancel edit

Step 2. Paste the pattern to a (pre-determined) empty page

In another tab or window, click to the county page.

A) On the county page, go to the Churches and Religious Groups topic
B) Click a red (inactive) link -- under the "Church of Jesus Christ..." heading

It will tell you the page does not exist.

C) Edit in Wikitext and paste the pattern to that page
D) Fill in edit Summary box: "copied pattern" and Save page

Step 3. Adapt the Pattern

A) Breadcrumb trail:

  • Change "Beaver" to the current county (2 instances in breadcrumb trail)
  • Change "Frisco" to current town with comma
  • Fill in edit Summary, "Breadcrumb", Save page

B) Get correct pages from Jenson's Encyclopedic History. Before you get into edit mode,

  • Click on the link, search by place, scroll down to see page numbers
    • Hint: slide down to the alphabet for the place, and check the page(s) with hits to see which one is the beginning page. Then determine which is the ending page.
  • Get into edit WikiText again, and change the page numbers (p 5-6) to the pages for this place

C) Under "Obtain the Records":

  • Change "Beaver, Frisco" to current county, place

D) Below "References"

  • In Category, replace "Beaver" with current county
  • Type in the edit Summary box: "adapted to town" and Save page