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Cemetery Records reveal:
Death/Burial date    
Birth date/Age    
Birth place    
Name of spouse    
Maiden surname    
Names of children    
Symbols (religious, military, other)    
Don't miss the CLUES!
  • Name of Spouse: Usually only the given name, not a maiden surname.
  • Birth place: more common since 1920's

Records work together:

  • Marriage records: search for sisters, aunts, and even a widowed mother remarrying. Then search the cemetery(s) for those surnames.
  • Obituaries, death certificates, funeral homes, and other death-related records help you identify the cemetery.

Clues in the data

  • Tombstones
    • granite, sandstone, wood
  • Sextons (minister/clerk of a church, city employee, family Bible)
  • Burial permits (in very settled areas)

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  • To find married (and re-married) sisters, aunts, and even a widowed mother, search marriages. Then check those surnames in the cemetery.
  • Relatives are often buried nearby, especially children who died young.
  • The earlier a cemetery was transcribed, the better, due to weathering and other damage to tombstones and markers.
  • Periodicals often published transcriptions of tombstones. See PerSI (published issues may be easier than the online. An online edition on HeritageQuest Online, available at many public libraries.