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Archives[edit | edit source]

General Archive of the Nation (Archivo General de la Nación)
Convencion 1474 CP
11100 Montevideo
Telephone: (598) 2900 7232
Fax: (598) 2908 1330
Email: direccion@agn.gub.uy
Website: Archivo General de la Nación
Website #2: General Archive of the Nation - Uruguay
Website #3: Archivo General de la Nación de Uruguay

The General Archive of the Nation serves the State, protecting public information and ensuring that it is available for use. Documentation serves the protection of human rights by ensuring that rights and obligations are clearly and precisely documented, it provides services to Justice through the administration of the files of the Judiciary that operate in its heritage. The General Archive of the Nation is a cornerstone in a democratic society. It is also one of the central cultural institutions of the Nation that serves as a research center and as a guardian of memory.

Libraries[edit | edit source]

Amado Nervo Library (Biblioteca Amado Nervo)
José Enrique Michelena 1500
11600 Montevideo
Telephone: 598 2622 7868
Email: biblioteca.amadonervo@imm.gub.uy
Website: Amado Nervo Library
Website #2: Amado Nervo Library

Cuñapiru Library (Biblioteca Cuñapiru)
Ciclovía 2002
40000 Rivera
Paso de Castro housing. Manuel Oribe S/n
Telephone: 598 4623 1072
Email: Centrosmecrivera@mec.gub.uy
Email #2: jpiastre@mec.gub.uy
Email #3: edarosa@mec.gub.uy
Website: Centro MEC Biblioteca Cuñapiru
Website #2: MEC Rivera Centers

Ernesto Herrera Library (Biblioteca Ernesto Herrera)
Maipú 1725
11600 Montevideo
Telephone: 598 2487 6702
Website: Biblioteca Ernesto Herrera
Website #2: Ernesto Herrera Municipal Library
Website #3: Ernesto Herrera Library

Felisa Lisasola Municipal Library (Biblioteca Felisa Lisasola)
Calle Artigas (25 de Agosto)
50000 Salto
Telephone: 598 4733 5220/4732 4180
Website: Biblioteca Departamental "Felisa Lisasola"

Francisco Schinca Library (Biblioteca Francisco Schinca)
Av. 8 de Octubre 4219
12000 Montevideo
Telephone: 598 2508 8152
Email: biblioteca.franciscoschinca@imm.gub.uy
Email #2: bschinca@gmail.com
Website: Biblioteca Francisco Schinca
Website #2: Biblioteca Pública "Dr. Francisco Schinca"
Website #3: Francisco Schinca Library
Website #4: Dr. Francisco Schinca Library

Institute of Genealogical Studies of Uruguay (IEGU) (Instituto de Estudios Genealogicos del Uruguay)
Zelmar Michelini 1215
11100 Montevideo
Email: iegucorreo@gmail.com
Website: Instituto de Estudios Genealogicos del Uruguay
Website #2: Instituto de Estudios Genealógicos del Uruguay
Website #3: Institute of Genealogical Studies of Uruguay

José Pedro Varela Library (Biblioteca José Pedro Varela)
Sarandí 1184
60000 Paysandú
Telephone: 598 4722 6220 int. 2118/4722 8668
Email: infocentro.biblioteca@paysandu.gub.uy
Email #2: biblioteca@paysandu.gub.uy
Website: Library "José Pedro Varela"
Website #2: José Pedro Varela Library
Website #3: Biblioteca Pública “José Pedro Varela”

Municipal Library "Ariosto Fernández" (Biblioteca Municipal "Ariosto Fernández")
Ursino Barreiro 3420
94000 Florida
Telephone: 598 4352 8310
Email: infocentroflorida2015@gmail.com
Website: Florida City Hall
Website #2: Biblioteca - EID Prof. Ariosto Fernández - Florida

National Library of Uruguay (Biblioteca Nacional de Uruguay)
Av. 18 de Julio 1790 - CP
11200 Montevideo
Fax: 598 2400 5385 - 2409 6012
Email: BibliotecaNational@bibna.gub.uy
Website: Biblioteca Nacional de Uruguay
Website #2: Biblioteca Nacional de Uruguay

Museums[edit | edit source]

Montevideo Cabildo (Museo Histórico Cabildo de Montevideo)
Juan Carlos Gómez 1362
11000 Montevideo
Telephone: 598 2915 9685
Email: comunicacion.cultura@imm.gub.uy
Website: Cabildo de Montevideo
Wensite #2: El Cabildo
Website #3: Cabildo de Montevideo, Montevideo
Website #4: Montevideo Cabildo

The original City Hall is where the Uruguayan constitution was signed in 1830. This two-story colonial edifice houses an impressive collection of paintings, antiques, costumes, and rotating history exhibits. Fountains and statuary line the interior patios. Those interested in South America's colonial past should pay a visit to Cabildo de Montevideo, a former government house and now a museum holding Montevideo's historical archive. Discover the origins and early history of the city, including exhibits about the Viceroyalty of the River Plate. Let the knowledgeable English-speaking guides lead you into the archival rooms to inspect the artifacts there, such as mid 19th-century blueprints for buildings dotted around the city.