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Not to be confused with <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Unity, Maine">Unity, Maine</a>, a neighboring town in <a href="Waldo County, Maine">Waldo</a> County.

Unity in <a href="Kennebec County, Maine">Kennebec County</a> is a former <a href="Maine plantations">Maine plantation</a> which surrendered its plantation status in 1942,Unity, Kennebec County, Maine in Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia (accessed 19 May 2013). thus becoming an unorganized territory (<a href="Maine townships">township</a>).

Unity Gore Plantation was organized in 1853 from Unity Gore, and later renamed simply "Unity Plantation." The plantation was discontinued in 1942.Unity Township, Kennebec County, Maine in Maine Genealogy (accessed 19 May 2013).

Boundary changes. Part of Unity Gore was set off to Sebasticook (now <a href="Benton, Maine">Benton</a>) in 1847. Part was also set off to <a href="Albion, Maine">Albion</a> in 1853.

Records. An 1837 census for Unity Plantation is available <a href="http://sites.rootsweb.com/~meandrhs/census/maine/unity/1837.html">online</a>. Also, the Maine State Archives have tax valuation books for Unity Plantation 1926-1940.1837 Census of Unity Plantation, (north of Albion) Kennebec Co., Maine 1837 Census in RootsWeb (accessed 15 December 2018).

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