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The original content for this article was contributed by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in June 2012. It is an excerpt from their course US: Newspaper Records  by Rhonda McClure. The Institute offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy courses for a fee ($).

Shipping and Business News

The newspapers in port towns would mention the boat arrivals and other shipping news. This may prove useful in your research as you learn which ships arrived at the town or what they brought with them when they arrived. While most of us think in terms of the larger port cities through which immigrants were arriving, and which is certainly something to consider, there was a lot of traffic along rivers as well. Some of the most informative news pieces pertain to those tugs and steam boats that went back and forth along the rivers taking our ancestors further west or from the north to the south.

Shipping News

The depths of the rivers were important to all who traveled them. Gettysburg Compiler, March 21, 1821.


And of course there is a lot of news about the business of the day, from the ads and from the opening, closing and dissolution of partnerships. The more time you spend going through the articles in the newspaper, the more you will understand about the town in which your ancestors lived in and what was going on and available to them.


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