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United States

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Record Description
Record Group RG 94: Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1780s-1917
Collection years 1846-1848
Microfilm Publication M616. Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the Mexican War. 41 rolls.
National Archives Identifier 654518
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Mexican War, Military Unit Names

The following is a selected list of volunteer military unit names found on the index cards from NARA microfilm publication M616 Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the Mexican War. Additional unit names will be added as they are identified on the cards.

  • Alabama: 1 Battalion Alabama Infantry (Seibel's); Co. A, Seibel's Battalion Alabama Infantry; Co. B, Seibel's Battalion Alabama Infantry; Co. C, Seibel's Battalion Alabama Infantry; Co. D, Seibel's Battalion Alabama Infantry; McAlpins’ Co., Seibel's Battalion Alabama Infantry; Captain Elmore's Co., Alabama Vols. (6 Months, 1846); Captain Gee's Co., Alabama Mtd. Vols. also known as Capt. Gee's Independent Company, Alabama Mounted Volunteers; Captain Platt's Co., Alabama Vols. (6 Months, 1846); Coffey's (1) Alabama Militia Infantry; Elmore's Company, Alabama Volunteers; Desha's Company, Alabama Volunteers also known as Captain Desha's Co. Alabama Vols. (6 Months, 1846)
  • Arkansas: Gray's Battalion, Arkansas Volunteers; Enyart's Company, Arkansas Mounted Infantry; Mounted Regiment Arkansas Infantry
  • California: California Battalion
  • Florida: Kelly's Company, Florida Volunteers
  • Georgia: Loyall's Company, Georgia Mounted Volunteers; 1 Georgia Infantry; Seymour's Battalion Georgia Infantry; Calhoun's Mounted Battalion, Georgia Infantry
  • Illinois: 1 Illinois Infantry (Newby's); Captain Littell's Company, Illinois Mounted Volunteers; 2 Illinois Foot Volunteers (Bissell's); 3 Illinois Volunteers; 2 Illinois Infantry (Collins); 1 Illinois Foot Volunteers (Weathersford's)
  • Indiana: 2 Indiana Infantry; 3 Indiana Infantry
  • Iowa: Mormon Battalion, Iowa Volunteers
  • Kentucky: 1 Kentucky Infantry
  • Louisiana: 1 Louisiana Infantry; 3 Louisiana Militia Infantry; 4 Louisiana Militia Infantry; 5 Louisiana Militia Infantry; 6 Louisiana Militia Volunteers; 3 Battalion Louisiana Volunteers; Mounted Battalion, Louisiana Volunteers;Blanchard's Independent Co., Louisiana Volunteers; Gally's Battalion Louisiana Militia Light Artillery, 1845; Markham's Co., Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Militia
  • Maryland: Hughes' Maryland and District of Columbia Volunteers; Watson's Battalion, Maryland and District of Columbia Infantry
  • Massachusetts: 1 Massachusetts Volunteers
  • Michigan: Captain Gage's Company, 1 Regiment Michigan Infantry also known as Captain Gage's Independent Company, Michigan Infantry
  • Mississippi: 1 Mississippi Infantry; Battalion Mississippi Rifles (Anderson's)
  • Missouri: Easton's Battalion, Missouri Infantry; Gilpin's Battalion, Missouri Infantry; Powell's Battalion Missouri Mounted Volunteers; 3 Regiment Missouri Infantry; 3 Regiment Missouri Mounted Infantry (Rall's); 1 Regiment St. Louis Legion, Missouri Infantry; Clark's Battalion, Missouri, Light Artillery; Santa Fe Battalion, Missouri Mounted Volunteers; Gilpin's Battalion, Missouri Infantry
  • New Jersey: Battalion New Jersey Infantry
  • New York: 1 N. Y. Volunteers; 7 N. Y. Vols.
  • North Carolina: 1 North Carolina Volunteers
  • Ohio: 1 Ohio Infantry; 2 Ohio Infantry; 2 Ohio Infantry (Col Morgan’s); 4 Ohio Infantry
  • Pennsylvania: 1 Pennsylvania Infantry; 2 Pennsylvania Infantry
  • South Carolina: Palmetto Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers
  • Tennessee: 1 Tennessee Infantry; Wheat's Co., Tennessee Mounted Volunteers
  • Texas: Gray's Company, Texas Mounted Volunteers; McCulloch's Company, 1 Regiment Texas Mounted Volunteers; Bell's Company, Texas mounted Volunteers; Bell's Regiment Texas Mounted Volunteers; Cady's Co., Texas Mounted Rangers; 1 Texas Mounted Volunteers; 2 Texas Mounted Volunteers; 3 Texas Mounted Volunteers; Sutton's Company, (2d Service), Texas Mounted Volunteers; 1 Texas Foot Rifleman;Seefield's Co., Texas Volunteers; Shiver's Company, Texas Volunteers; Gillespies' Company, Texas Mounted Rangers; Conner's Company, (1st Service), Texas Mounted Volunteers (6 Months, 1846); Chevallie's Battalion Texas Mounted Volunteers; Smith's Company, Texas Mounted Volunteers
  • Virginia: 1 Virginia Volunteers
  • Wisconsin: Knowlton's Company, Wisconsin Volunteers; Duncan's Co., Mounted Volunteers

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