Union Regular Army Units 1st through 19th

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The information in this list of Union Regular Army Units comes from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors web site (CWSS).

  • 1st Regiment, US Cavalry (Regular Army)
    On the Pacific Coast till November, 1861, Concentrated at Washington, D.C., November, 1861, to January, 1862. Regiment attached to Cooke's Cavalry Reserve, Army Potomac, January to March, 1862. 2nd Brigade, Cavalry Reserve, Army Potomac, to July, 1862. Surrender of Lee and his army. Ordered to New Orleans, La., and duty there till December, 1865.
  • 2nd Regiment, US Sharpshooters (Regular Army)
    Organized by Companies as follows: Company "A" in Minnesota October 5, 1861; Company "B" in Michigan October 4, 1861; Company "C" in Pennsylvania October 4, 1861; Company "D" in Maine November 2, 1861; Company "E" in Vermont November 9, 1861; Company "F" in New Hampshire November 28, 1861; Company "G" in New Hampshire December 10, 1861; Company "H" in Vermont December 31, 1861 to February, 1865.
  • 3rd Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army)
    Organized at Texas until March, 1861. Companies "C" and "E" moved to New York March, 1861, and Companies "B," "D," "G," "H" and "K" to New York March 19-April 25, 1861. Companies "A," "F" and "I" surrendered at Mattagorda Bay, Texas, April 26, 1861. The rest of the companies served until October 1865.
  • 4th Regiment, US Cavalry (Regular Army)
    On duty at Forts Washita, Wise and Kearney, Kan., at outbreak of the Rebellion. Moved to Fort Leavenworth, Kan., April 17-May 31, 1861. Duty continued until November 1865.
  • 5th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army)
    Duty in the Dept. of New Mexico throughout the war, operating against Indians. Battle of Valverde, N.M., February 21, 1862. Expedition against Indians in Central Arizona December 2,1864 - January 1, 1865.
  • 14th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army)
    Organized by direction of the President May 4, 1861, and confirmed by Act of Congress July 29, 1861. Organized at Fort Trumball, Conn. to June, 1865. Dept. of Virginia to