Treatment of Suspected and Disloyal Persons, North and South (Civil War)

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Perhaps an overlooked Civil War source is “Treatment of Suspected and Disloyal Persons, North and South.” The book concerns the state or political individuals whose loyalty, either to the Union or to the Confederacy, was questioned and where military authorities had been involved.


This book is part of the multi-volume “War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.” It is found in Series II, Volume 2. Some of the references are lists of suspects, prisoners, etc. Other references deal with correspondence which may contain biographical information or personal history of these persons. Also published are letters defending the actions of the individual in question, military orders, etc.

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There are two ways of accessing information from Series II, Volume 2:

1. Use the global search on the home page where you read: Search the War of the Rebellion. This method will indicate the name found in books throughout the whole series.

2. Scroll down on the home page to Series II and press: Volume II, 1897 (the date of publication).

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