Thomas, Union County, New Mexico, Cemetery Details

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Thomas Cemetery

Address:            Sand Hill

Location:            Between Clayton, NM on the north and Hayden, NM on the south. Take 402/102 to State Road 562.

                         Take 562 whhich goes to the west, to County Road C066. Turn left (south) on C066. The next

                         intersection will be with County Road C067, turn left (east). Cemetery is in the middle of the block

                         on the left (north) side.

                          19.3 km NxNW of Stead, NM; 18.8 km NW of Sedan, NM; 23.0 km SxSW of Clayton, NM;

                          24.5 km WxSW of perico Creek, TX.

Elevation:           4,963 feet

GPS:                 Latitude: 36.26060 N      Longitude: -103.28330 W

Map:                  Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,


Interments:        20

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