The Yankee Story, Colfax County, New Mexico

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The lovely story of Yankee is told in a pamphlet "The Yankee, New Mexico Story" by Father Stanley, July 1964. The following is an alphabetic list of people mentioned in the story. It is recommended that the pamphlet be checked out through your local library through the inter library loan program. To find the library closest to you that has this pamphlet you can search

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MikeAntley, WWI volunteer

J.R. Baker

Jim Barnett

Officer John Barnum, Deputy Marshall 

SteveBarron, WWI volunteer


Brown, Yankee male quartet


Brubacker, third baseman, town baseball team

P. Buckholtz

Jessie A Chaffee, teacher

Mr  and Mrs Oliver Christianson

H.W. Coil

Louis Coleman

Mrs W.W. Cox

Crabtree, right field, town baseball team


A.D.Ensign, promoter, nearby Guest Ranch

Errington, pitcher, town baseball team

JoeEvans, WWI volunteer

Farley, second baseman, town baseball team

W.J. Francis

Sherifff Gale 'George H Gann

EdgarGliffe, WWI volunteer

Frank Goodman


Pleas Goodman



George RHilty, 1st postmaster

Mary Holland, piano player

Johnson, Yankee male quartet

L.T. Kavanaugh

Mr Keebles

Henry A Kiker

Morine King

Jack Klantchnek, WWI volunteer

Horace WKruse


Major RLawrence, WWI volunteer

Robert Lawrence

Leason, first baseman, town baseball team



BertLoyd, 1st mine superintendent

DonacianoMartinez, WWI volunteer

Matias Martinez

Dimas Medina

Merrow, catcher, town baseball team

John Morrow


Jesse G Northcutt

Nutting, shortstop, town baseball team

Edgar Oliffe

Jacobo Olivas, WWI volunteer

Tom Orr

Louis Owen

JoePadilla, miner

E. Prichard family, and twins

Provost, left field, town baseball team

Reed, Yankee male quartet

Rees family

Nick Richards

Mr. Richards, baritone

Richardson, Yankee male quartet



Joseph Selig, WWI volunteer

Jo E Sheridan, US mine inspector


Jack Smith

Elmer Sperry, mine operator

Mrs. Stephens

E.L. Stuck

William Towndrow

Louis T Trotter, WWI volunteer

I.P. Trujillo, section foreman

ThomasTurner, pit boss


Claudie Vitt


Alex Wersonick

Robert B Whitt

Ahad W Whittaker

Wimmer, center field, town baseball team

Earnest Wood

George Thomas Woodhouse, WWI volunteer

Leathe B Wright, teacher