The Maxwell Story, Colfax County, New Mexico

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The lovely story of Maxwell is told in a pamphlet "The Maxwell, New Mexico Story" by Father Stanley, March 1963. The following is an alphabetic list of people mentioned in the story. It is recommended that the pamphlet be checked out through your local library through the inter library loan program. To find the library closest to you that has this pamphlet you can search Locally it is available at the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library in Raton, NM.

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The following is an alphabetical surname list of interesting persons listed in this story.


Ed Archuleta, first in the new jail;

Mrs. H.C. Bartless, postmaster;

Ed O. Brown, railroad foreman, rancher, and school board member;

Dr. ET. Bruce, doctor;

Max Cardenas, WWI soldier;

W. Caremon, head of the prospective Maxwell-Taos railroad;

Clovides Casados, WWI soldier;

Alma Chafee, teacher;

Jesse Chafee, teacher and school principal;

A.T. Chambers, superintendent of sunday school;

Marguerite Chambers, bible teacher;

Dr. A.E. Collyer, doctor;

Rev. William Cooksey, preacher;

Cecil Corey, livery stable and garage;

H.E. Corey, livery stable and garage;



Charley Davis, village marshall;

C.L. Davis, builder of the Maxwell Opera House;

Cy Dawson, shoot out;

James L. De Fremey;

Ross Duckett;

W.F. Fudge, WWI soldier;

Jose T. Gallegos, WWI soldier;

Max G. Garrison, new editor of Maxwell Mail;

N. E. Garrison, purchased "Maxwell Mail";

Sam Garrison, farmer;

Severo Gonzalez, fight;

Gene Graves;

Walter Greenwood;


Ed Hampton, restaurant owner;

E.H. Hudkins, Mayor;

Dove Johnson, married Ed Brown;

R.L. Krigbaum, school principal;

W.E. Lindsay, first postmaster;

Eluterio Lopez, WWI soldier;


E.E. Malson, WWI soldier;

E.A. Marshall, WWI soldier;

Albert Louis Martin, WWI soldier,

Amelio Martinez, fight;

Sam Martinez, middle weight boxer;

Mrs. McCloud, sunday school superintendent;

Mildred McCready, teacher;

Dr. M.T. McDowell, doctor;

Libbie McKeane, school teacher;

D. A. McMillen, dance school owner;

Shirley Miller, school principal;

John M. Moore, farmer;

F.E. Mumford, WWI soldier;


O.D. Patterson, drum player;

E.S. Pelphrey, alfalfa meal mill;


H.L. Phelps, mandolin player;

Cowboy Porter, boxer;

D.P. Powers, flour miller, merchant, and coal miner;

Miss Powers, Sunday school secretary;

Lizzie Pyper, first school teacher;

Miss Richards, school teacher;

Marcos Romero, WWI soldier;

Fred L. Rosier, WWI soldier;

William E. Rutherford, WWI soldier;


Rev. M. Sanders;

Alexander Schnee;

L.T. Sheves, trombone player, orchestra leader;

J.S. Shreve, operated drug store;

Al Smith, electrician and plumber;

Charlie Smith;

C.P. Smith and wife, violin players;

J. Gordon Smith, village clerk, newspaper editor;

Julia Smith, newspaper editor;

Lalie Stevens;

Ira Stevens;

Jack Stovell, county surveyor;

Strong, station agent;

Marjorie Thorn;

Roy Toiser, building contractor;

Victor Trujillo, WWI soldier;

Jenny Turner, teacher;


Vail, president of the Maxwell Irrigated Land Company;

William Van Brugger, second mayor;

Farras Wall;

Edwin S. Warren, postmaster;

Charley White, shoot out;

Edith White, dance school owner;

Mancile Yonce;