The Brilliant Story, Colfax County, New Mexico

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The lovely story of Brilliant is told in a pamphlet "The Brilliant, New Mexico Story" by Father Stanley, January 1967. The following is an alphabetic list of 314 people mentioned in the story, that appears to have combined Brilliant I and Brilliant II  (Swastika) and includes visitors. It is recommended that the pamphlet be checked out through your local library through the inter library loan program. To find the library closest to you that has this pamphlet you can search

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Annie and Rocke Aguilar

Ramon Aguilar

Harold Anderson

James Anderson

Mrs. Les Anderson

Louise Antonucci

Katherine and Vida Appoloni

Conferina Aragon

Emelia Aragon

Mr and Mrs Andy Armijo

Charles Artger

Mr. and Mrs. Atwater

Jennie Atwater

Rev.  Father Roger Aul, inventor of sinus relief machine

Antonia Avila

Clair Baker, WWI volunteer

Lucy and Frank Barsellino

Robert Bartholomew

Mr. and Mrs. Asa Beamer

Mr. and Mrs. H. Bell

Nan and Jessie Bell

Ruth Bell

Lloyd Benjamin

T.H. Bickerstaff

Frank Blinn

Miss Bonome

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bonomelli

Pete Bonomelli

Edith Bottsford

Lee Bove

Lorreto Bove, fatal mine accident

Mary Bove

Paulmino Bove, fatal mine accident

Bertha Brown

Ernest Brunelli, rancher

Lucy Brunelli, store owner between Gardiner and Brilliant

Cleo Burch

Mr. and Mrs. E.V. Burch

Whitcomb Burch


Roy Cartwright

Mr and Mrs Pete Casias

Albert, Tom and George Chicarilla

Rosie Chicarilla, marriage

Harley Clark

Nadene Cleland

Mrs. William Cleland

Roy Coleman

Mrs. Joe Collier

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Comba

Rosie and John Crow

Dr. snd Mrs. Curry, physician

W.E. Curtis

Mr. and Mrs. James Davidson

Jean Davidson

O.E. Davidson

Mrs. Earl Delty

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Demengo (Domingo)

Clara Dennis, teacher

Mrs. John Dennis

Fred L Dergel, WWI volunteer

Joe DiLisio

Doggetts, teachers

Donati family

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Donati

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Donati

Dr. Donovan, Donovan hospital

M.C. Dubler, train conductor

Zephra Dunn, first school teacher

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Durie

Leona Faye Durie


Mr and Mrs Eastham

Filomena and Joe Ercolani

Mr. and Mrs. George Evans

Kay Evans

Mr. and Mrs. D. M Faletti

Joe Faletti

Mrs. Joel Fango

Joy Fayno, No.4 mine shot firer, injured

Mr and Mrs Tony Fiodo

Walter Fleming, altercation

Tom Floyd

Mrs. Jessie French, teacher, music director

Jim French, pit boss

Joyce French

Mrs. Theo Fruechting

Frank Gabriele

John Gabriele

Jack Garcia

Manuel Garcia

Rebecca Garcia

Pete Gardiner, postmaster

Frank Gasparich

Jake Gaspervich, WWI volunteer

Anna Gasparich

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gasparich

Mr. and Mrs. John Gasparich

Mary Gasparich

Mr and Mrs Fred Gatti

Mr and Mrs Larry Gatti

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gracie

Jack Gracie

Margaret Gracie

Frank Guana

Virgido Guevara, WWI volunteer

Manuel Gurule, WWI volunteer

David, Daniel, Virgil and Ulysses Gutierrez

Onesimo Gutierrez


Haddow family

Cody Haddow

Jessie Haddow

John Haddow

Kattie Haddow

Maud Haddow

Nan Haddow

Jean Hamilton

Mrs. Robert Hamilton

Dr.  G. S. Harper, physician

Mrs. C. S. Harper, teacher

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Harper

Mabel Healey

A.S. Hernandez

Hixenbaugh, sheriff

Fern James

John Jelaca

John Jolly

Abe Jones

Chareline Jones

E.B. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jones

P. Iinoco, marriage

Julia Kanyer

Joe Kastler, official Rocky Mountain Railroad.

Angelina Kea

Corinne Ketshner (Kershner), teacher and principal

Joe Kezele, bootlegger

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Kimball

Mrs. H.C. Kimball

Mrs. King

Mr and Mrs Frank Kinikla

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Kinkeela

Frank Kinkelo

Frank Knafele

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Knafele

Stella and Christine Krolnik

Mr and Mrs George Krulyak


Mrs. Annie LaMont, teacher

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Latude

Curt Lawhor

Mary Lelaca

Betty Lewis

Mrs. R. H. Lewis

Mr and Mrs Alex Livingston

Dale Long

Euterio Lopez, WWI volunteer

Florence Lorenzo

Tony Lujan, WWI volunteer

Mrs. Lloyd Lumsden

Anna Madrid, marriage

Fred Maga

Pete (Jete) Maga

Theresa Maga

Edith Magliarini (Migliarini)

Mr and Mrs I Mancini

Theo Marchiondo, marriage

Tony Marchiondo

Gustino Martin, WWI volunteer

Salomon Martinez, WWI volunteer

Mr. and Mrs. Santiago Martinez

Vada Martinez, teacher, artist

Teasario Martino, WWI volunteer

John Mataya

Mr and Mrs Paul Mataya

Lois McAbee, teacher

Kay McCally

McDougal, first camp superintendent

Esther McDougal

Mr. and Mrs. James McDougal

John McDougal

Elizabeth Meur

Mrs S. Miglioroni

Jennie and Anna Modic

Julia Modic

Pedro Mondragon, WWI volunteer

Joe and Helen Montibeller

Moore family

Eugene Moore, WWI volunteer

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Moore

Remo Multon


John Nauta

Mr. and Mrs. B. Nees

Orazio Nolargicone, WWI volunteer

Fiorina Notagiaccomo

Palmino Notorgiaccomo

Shirley Nutter

Barbara Ortiz

Eleanor Ortiz

Felix Ortiz

Ninfa Ortiz

Mrs. Nina Oxley

Mr. and Mrs. Felix Patterson, pool hall

Agnes Pavlick

Betty Joe Pavlich

Mr and Mrs. Charles Pavlick (Pavlich)

Joe Pavlich

Phyllis Pavlich

Peter Peralta

Frances Perez

Katherine Perkovich

P.D. Peterson, store manager, moved to Koehler

Mr. and Mrs. Theo Petterlin

Felix Petterlin

Clara and Florence Piers

Mrs. W. Piers

Bertha Pircher, principal

Mrs. Louis Pircher, teacher

William Plunkett

William Jr. and Mary Jane Plunkett

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Pochel

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Polvich

Raymond Porter

Victoria and Dominick Profasi

Mrs. Louise Pucher

Tom Puerta

Pete Pusedn


Harry Quick, second camp store manager

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Quid

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Quintana

Jack Quintana

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Quito

Mary Rea

Louise Recchia

Andy Redway

Mr. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riggs

Shirley Riggs

Mr and Mrs John Rodman

Eddie Romero

Mrs. Frank Romero

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roundsly

Ida Roundsley

Mrs. Auro Ruiz

Mrs. Girilio Ruiz

Jennie Ruiz

Mrs. Joe Ruiz

Stella Ruiz



Juanita Salazar

Paul Sandoval, killed

Mrs. Victoria Sandoval

Pete San Roman

Scarafiotti family

Mr and Mrs Arthur Scarelli

Joe Scarelli

Mr and Mrs Joe Sciarafiotti

Mr and Mrs Pete Scarafiotti

Luis Seferina, WWI volunteer

Joe Serrey

Father Nicolas Shaal

Joe Shilabra

Evelyn Shuler

Vincent Silba

Mr and Mrs John Simovich

Mrs. Roy Simpleman

William H Smith, rancher

Bob Smith, student later manager Palace Hotel, Raton

Emil Starkovich

Mary Starkovich

Mary Stephens, sunday school teacher

L.R. Stephenson

Mary Stevens (Stephens), teacher

Larry Stone

Margaret Hart Stewart, teacher

Susie Stewart

Mrs. C.X. Stuart

Dorothy and Charles Stuart



Dominick  and Victor Tassinozzi

Miss Theresa

Leo Thomine

Mr. and Mrs Dave Thompson

Jim Thompson

Gladys Thorne, novelty orchestra

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Thumuir

John Tonic

Elvisa, Max, and John Trujillo

Mr and Mrs Max Trujillo

Vivian Trujillo

Susie Turner, nurse

Sally Valdez, nurse

Santiago Valdez

Antoinette Vallucci

Frank Vallucci

Enrique and Sylvia Valpato

Mrs. Lester Vandeventer

Van Houten

Mr and Mrs Vardersari

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Visconti, pit boss

Mr. Waggoner, camp store manager

James Waggoner

Mrs. James Waggoner, school principal

Mildred Waggoner

Maude Wagner, first postmaster

Verna Orin Walsh, teacher

Mr. and Mrs Tom Wharrie

Mrs. Lyman Whited

Mr and Mrs Steve Williams

Mr and Mrs Bill Wills

Mrs. Richard Woods

Stella Woods

Stanley Yackovich

Joe Yardis (Yardos)

Nurse Marty

Nurse Theresa